Music to My Ears: Sultana Dreaming

We haven’t talked about it on the podcast (yet), but we’ve been playing through Final Fantasy XIV off and on for the last few weeks. It’s something we had considered for a while, and we pulled the trigger when the Steam Summer Sale put the original game and its expansion at half price.

It’s been an interesting experience. We’re playing with four people in the house, which is the perfect size for a lot of the group content like dungeons and trials. Tech Guy and I have played a bunch of MMORPGs over the years; Shaun (The Old Republic) and Michaela (none) are coming at it from a fresher perspective.

FFXIV suffered a number of infamous problems at launch, from stilted design to sporadic servers. After undergoing some pretty drastic revamps, its current incarnation is a much more pleasant, streamlined experience. The game looks great, and there’s plenty of stuff to do. It also feels like Final Fantasy, which is more than I can say about FFXIII and its sequels.

Sultana Dreaming (Night) is the theme for one of the three major cities of the game, Ul’dah. Playing a healer like I always do in RPGs, I started in a different area — and while I like Gridania’s music, I was jealous. The daytime version is more adventurous sounding with its string sections and upbeat tone, but this is a quiet, reflective, almost somber take. Here’s 30 minutes of it to put in the background of your day, with an added bonus: the game’s idle camera showing different parts of the city.

Music to My Ears covers soundtracks or individual songs from video games. You can view all posts in the series by clicking here.

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