ATB’s Top 25 Comedies: (14) 21 Jump Street

This is At the Buzzer’s countdown of the best 25 comedies of all-time. Our panel of 10 cast their votes, and we’re revealing the results one by one until we get to No. 1 on Tuesday, May 10.

And now, our number 14:

14) 21 Jump Street (5 votes, 171 points)

Do you even know the Miranda rights?

Look, it obviously starts with… you have the right to remain silent…

[whispers] You have the right to an attorney.

You have the right to remain… an attorney.

Did you just say you have the right to be an attorney?

You do have the right to be an attorney if you want to.

Chris: Our panel is pretty young, so besides Cary (see below), none of us can really comment on how this compares to the original series. I have to imagine it’s a bit weird, seeing as the TV show delved into some pretty serious topics like drug abuse and homophobia. Twenty-five years later, here we have a buddy comedy instead.

But as someone who knew very little about the source material, I thought 21 Jump Street was extremely funny and didn’t really care about the setup for it. Hell, Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise were on board to reprise their characters, so clearly everyone involved was willing to take themselves a bit less seriously.

Since the setup is so solid (like the original, it’s essentially two young-looking cops going undercover at a high school), there’s plenty of easy material here. I like just about every scene where Hill and Tatum are in over their heads, particularly some of the quick throwaway lines they have between them. The ending is also surprisingly funny.

Cary: Having been a fan of the original 21 Jump Street TV show, I didn’t have much hope going into this oddball remake. But I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining it was. And I garnered a bit more respect for Channing Tatum. I’m all for some Jonah Hill wit, but Tatum really stole the show.

Michaela: The reboot to the iconic TV series, 21st Jump Street plays around with classic tropes and clichés of high school life as two cops are attempting to bust drug dealers by acting as high school students. It’s a pretty funny premise on its own that spirals out of control as the main characters are caught in one crazy event after another.



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(25) The Princess Bride

(24) Shaun of the Dead

(23) Arsenic and Old Lace

(22) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

(21) The Big Lebowski

(20) Young Frankenstein

(19) Zombieland

(18) Liar Liar

(17) Blazing Saddles

(16) My Cousin Vinny

(15) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story


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