ATB’s Top 25 Comedies: #100-76

We begin our countdown with some movies that received enough consideration to escape honorable mention, but not enough to come anywhere close to the official 25. Remember: These results are just here to see how things ended up — while the ranking is a reflection of each film’s vote and point totals, the list is really just a top 25.

Anyway, without further ado…


76) Shrek 2

Chris: One of the weird trends that developed on this list was a bunch of sequels in the lower ranges. There’s three in this section alone, and in almost every case, the second movie is on the list and the first is nowhere to be found. Anyway, Shrek is love and Shrek is life and all that.

77) Jackass 2

Chris: Look, you got me. I’ve never watched a Jackass movie. The concept is straightforward enough, and if it’s your type of humor, more power to you.

78) Big

Chris: Such a great movie. The scene at FAO Schwarz is like a top-10 movie moment for me. But there’s plenty of funny moments as well, as you would expect from a 12-year-old trying desperately to fit in with a world full of adults.

79) Elf

Chris: Elf could very easily have been too corny or cheesy to work. Instead, it manages to be funny and endearing at the same time, to the point where people consider it to be a legitimate holiday classic.

80) Drunken Master

Chris: This set the stage for everything we love about Jackie Chan, from his pitch-perfect facial expressions and deadpan delivery to his fanatical obsession with performing his own stunts — and making combat be funny in the process.

81) Stranger Than Fiction

Chris: Perhaps lost in the shuffle of his other work in the mid-2000 with crazier character, Will Farrell fits perfectly as the foil here. It also helps that I’m a huge fan of Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson.

82) Toy Story 2

Chris: Back-to-back Disney movies? That’s a little weird. All three movies in the Toy Story series have plenty of funny throwaway lines and situations, but when I look back, I think of 1 as the pioneer, 3 as the most touching, and 2 as the funniest.

83) Tangled

Chris: Admittedly, even though I’m a huge fan of Tangled (and it scored really well on our animated list), comedy isn’t the first thing I think of when I look back on Rapunzel and Eugene and friends. It certainly has its moments though.

84) Wedding Crashers

Chris: Look, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are funny guys, but I’m here for the Christopher Walken. Simple as that.

85) Cannibal: The Musical

Chris: Every time we do one of these lists, I get the chance to learn about a couple titles I’m not familiar with in a sea of dozens. Cannibal is one of them — I had no idea that Trey Parker and Matt Stone had worked on something this far back.

86) Ted

Chris: A simple enough premise that still works because Seth McFarlane ignores any potential boundaries and because Mark Wahlberg has emerged as someone with significant comedic chops.

87) Jerry Maguire

Chris: Surprisingly funny and eminently quotable, Jerry Maguire works on a number of levels that transcend its rom-com roots. It’s also better if you’re a sports fan, particularly for all the appearances from people in the industry.

88) Wreck-it Ralph

Chris: On top of the usual kid-friendly Pixar humor here, you’ve also got a million video game references — some obvious, some subtle. My favorite, even though it’s straightforward, is the villain support group.

89) Animal House

Chris: There are two ways of looking at this list. 1) Certain iconic comedies are lower because most of the panelists weren’t born when they were released, ,or 2) certain iconic comedies still managed to register even though most of the panelists weren’t born when they were released.

90) Beetlejuice

Chris: Say what you will about Tim Burton (and there are dozens of positive and negative things I could say about Tim Burton), but you have to admit that he’s an expert at weaving together fantasy and the absurd. Props to Michael Keaton for committing so hard to the insanity.

91) The Muppet Movie

Chris: There are plenty of young’uns out there who have been introduced to the Muppets through two movies and a sitcom in the past few years. Nothing compares to the original movie, and if you want proof, look at the list of Hollywood icons who showed up just for a quick cameo.

92) Roxanne

Chris: Easily one of the best Police songs, right up there with Every Little Thing She Does is Magic and Synchronicity II. Oh, we’re talking about the Steve Martin movie? Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhh.

93) Hook

Chris: A lot of your enjoyment of this movie depends on how willing you are to overlook its myriad flaws — or at the very least, laugh at them. For me, Dustin Hoffman steals almost every scene he’s in, and Robin Williams is actually funnier as the boring accountant than as Pan.

94) Guardians of the Galaxy

Chris: At first glance you wouldn’t think of Guardians as a comedy, but when you consider Chris Pratt’s comedy chops, Rocket Raccoon’s snappy one-liners, Drax’s subtlely smart responses and Vin Diesel getting a ton of mileage out of one word, it makes sense.

95) Old School

Chris: I remember thinking that Will Farrell almost seemed out of place as Frank the Tank. Turns out that nope, it was just his last stop before he became one of comedy’s leading men.

96) Mean Girls

Chris: I think Mean Girls continues to look better with age. It sneakily has both Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler in it, it’s Amanda Seyfried’s first major film, and Lindsay Lohan was never hotter than she was here. The humor also holds up surprisingly well.

97) Rat Race

Chris: The ensemble cast seemed a bit weird and eclectic at the time, and honestly, I’m not sure if it looks better or worse 15 years later. What a strange pairing.

98) Time Bandits

Chris: This is one of those rare spots where I have to admit that outside of knowing that Sean Connery and John Cleese were in this, I know nothing about it. Sorry, everyone.

99) Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Chris: This style of humor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but Life of Brian deserves plenty of credit for pushing the boundaries of satire almost 40 years ago.

100) Army of Darkness

Chris: We think of Bruce Campbell as one of the coolest people on the planet, but way back when, the Evil Dead series was what set him down that career path. Bonus points for using the Necronomicon.



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2 thoughts on “ATB’s Top 25 Comedies: #100-76

  1. I watched Big yesterday, it was great. The screenshot of the scene that you have used is the best scene of the movie for me. I loved it. I wrote about another movie Boyhood, would appreciate if you have a look. 🙂

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