Final Fantasy Record Keepers Review: A Strong First Impression of Mobile Gaming

For the past four years, I owned a slide phone with the keyboard (super old-fashioned these days), but after the audio quit working, I decided to finally upgrade and move up in the world with a smart phone. While I like it fine and good, and it’s very convenient whenever I don’t know where I’m going, the best part about it is now I get to play Final Fantasy Record Keepers. A game that my roommates talked about nonstop over the summer, I got jealous that I couldn’t play it with them. Now that I can though, it’s impossible not to immerse myself into the addictive world of Final Fantasy Record Keepers, my first mobile game.

I’m going to be lumping a several aspects of the game in this “gameplay” category. Final Fantasy Record Keepers features a return to the traditional, turn-based combat that everyone loves about the Final Fantasy series. Record Keepers, however, spices it up the option to choose a Roaming Warrior to come to your aid and deal a devastating, flashy attack on the enemy or aid the party with boosts or heals. It’s fun and nostalgic. The customization in this game ranges from the characters abilities to their Soul Breaks, or the equivalent to Limit Breaks, helping you kill enemies with even more efficiency with the varied, unique options available for each character.

The online element of the game is important as well, providing the player with various events to either recruit certain characters or acquire certain items. Each day, the player can take methods to accrue more Stamina Shards and Mythril, both of which are invaluable to Final Fantasy Record Keepers, allowing players to complete more dungeons with a lot of Stamina, and get new equipment and armor via Mythril. I also have to say that considering that the game relies strictly on touch, it’s very responsive, and rarely does the game freeze or slow down during battles.

Battle Scene FFRK

A surprisingly fun story, I like the idea that the worlds and stories from the different Final Fantasy worlds were preserved in paintings rather than tomes. It’s such a small detail, but the visual aspect really contributes to the idea that you’re immersing yourself in these series once again, but with new twists and turns.

I will say however, that the game can be a bit unbalanced at times, in that you’ll get like twenty levels of Final Fantasy VI paintings unlocked, with no others from the other games.The lack of variety can get tiring at times, but it’s not a huge deal since the game offers so many other options and activities for the player to do each day.

The original characters are fine and serve as links to the story, but the ability to recruit the classic heroes from the Final Fantasy games is great (though the current absence of Zidane in the American version of Final Fantasy Record Keepers is beyond me, and though fortunately they’re fixing it, I don’t want to have to wait a month to recruit him), and it gives the player a vast amount of freedom to form their desired team. It’s like Dissidia but done much, much better. I think my only legitimate complaint is that, starting to play the game as late as I have, that I missed out on several Challenge Events to recruit certain characters (Tifa and Garnet in particular) because of the limited time frame in which they are available.

ZIIIDDAAANE come to the states sooner!
ZIIIDDAAANE come to the states sooner!

The music in Record Keepers is great because it brings back various tracks from the series as a whole, in combat and elsewhere. Hearing “Beyond that Door” from the ending cut-scene in Final Fantasy IX when getting relics, in particular, makes me miss that game terribly. I’m only slightly biased. But really though, there isn’t a single remix in the game, meaning that all of the songs are original and serve as a reflection of the time they came out in. It’s all great.

The Verdict:
The purpose of Final Fantasy Record Keepers is to allow players to experience the series all over again in a new light, and it achieves that goal. The game is beyond fun and obsessive, and the fact that it can be played whenever on a mobile phone is pretty neat. I don’t know if I’ll ever get into mobile phone gaming as a whole, but Final Fantasy Record Keepers has certainly made a strong impression in favor of it.

Score: 4.5/5

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Record Keepers Review: A Strong First Impression of Mobile Gaming

  1. I’ve been hooked since the first week or so the game was released. First mobile game I’ve really played… of course I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan for a long time which really helps. It must feel overwhelming to get into now with all the content lol

  2. This game is pretty fun and simple. Unlike games like Puzzle and Dragons, you can easily get characters like Tifa or Golbez. I like your review on this game.

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