Best Anime Openings/Endings – “Sorairo Days,” Shoko Nakagawa

For my last summer post describing much enjoyed openings and endings, my final song is “Sorairo Days”, the opening theme from Gurren Lagann. What I especially enjoy about this song, outside of the awesome chorus, is that both the opening sequence and lyrics change just as the show does. Whenever the story evolves or moves in a big way, so does the opening. I appreciate the fact that the opening acknowledges the events of the show, and the fact that the lyrics also change to accommodate it makes it all the more great. I’m posting the first version so as to avoid the major spoilers of Gurren Lagann, but this is definitely a show where it’s worth watching the opening throughout the whole thing to see how it changes alongside the anime. I hope you all enjoyed reading this series of posts – they were fun to write as well! From here on out I’ll be back to my usual biweekly posts about all the nerdy things I love.

2 thoughts on “Best Anime Openings/Endings – “Sorairo Days,” Shoko Nakagawa

  1. This theme is catchy at all heck. That’s what makes it awesome. Anyways, me and a friend of mine watched this show up until You-Probably-Know-Who dies…. It was a sad moment. (Well, my friend was actually slightly annoyed at You-Know-Who but he was a cool person.) This opening/ending theme ties as my favorite alongside “Lie” from Fullmetal Alchemist.

    1. I really enjoy this opening a lot, both for how catchy it is and how it evolves alongside the show. Hah hah, I was also annoyed with how loud You-Know-Who as well up until his death, and then I cried…But then the show gets super amazing after that! 😀 I don’t know if I have a number one favorite opening or ending, hence this series of articles, hah hah! They’re all too good. 😉

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