ATB’s Top 25 Animated Movies: (15) The Iron Giant

Our list moves into the top 15, with picks that received at least one top-five vote from someone on the panel and support from others as well. Tomorrow: #14.

15) The Iron Giant (3 votes, 127 points)

Chris: You stay. I go. No following.

I’m not sure that The Iron Giant excels in any one area. It isn’t the best animated; it doesn’t feature the most impressive voice cast; its music is decent but forgettable. But it’s the total package that works in the movie’s favor. And it’s without question the best movie ever starring someone named Hogarth.

This was Brad Bird’s first foray into the animated realm, and it showcases a lot of the same heart that makes The Incredibles (still to come on our list) and Ratatouille (#32) special. Using the Cold War as a backdrop for all this robotic tension makes sense. Vin Diesel turns in a great performance, and Jennifer Aniston and Harry Connick, Jr. are no slouches either.

This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and when it finally gets a Blu-ray release later this year, I’m excited to see how it holds up today.

Shaun: I mean, as much as I love watching Vin Diesel fight Jason Statham with car tools and wax philosophical about family, this has to be his most endearing role ever besides perhaps maybe Groot, right?

Cary: You want to talk about a gorgeous, sweeping, and yet down-to-earth animated movie? Look no further than The Iron Giant. It may not be as majestic or as slapsticky or as accessible as your typical Disney/Pixar fare, but it’s got a ton of heart and enough grand storytelling to capture the imagination.


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