ATB’s Top 25 Animated Movies: (18) Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Our list continues as we dive into the top 20, with some films that received multiple votes from our panelists but didn’t quite have the juice to make it higher in the rankings. Tomorrow: #17.

18) Who Framed Roger Rabbit (4 votes, 111 points)

Chris: The late Bob Hoskins was more important to my childhood than I realized. No, not for Super Mario Bros. — that was an abomination, and anyone who likes it should feel bad. But he was the dimwitted-yet-lovable Smee in Hook, and his turn as Eddie Valiant in Roger Rabbit turned out to be one of his most iconic roles.

There was no shortage of big-name actors who had a shot at playing this role. Bill Murray, Harrison Ford, Eddie Murphy…but it’s hard for me to imagine anyone but Hoskins in the role. He has just the right amount of silliness to make all of his scenes with Roger work.

Then you factor in Christopher Lloyd’s ridiculous Judge Doom, a dueling piano scene between Daffy and Donald Duck, eight million other cartoon cameos, the ludicrous figure of Jessica Rabbit — it’s remarkable what the movie put together in 1988. Sure, a lot of the human/cartoon interactions look silly now, but it’s been almost three decades. Cut the film some slack.

Cary: Do you care that, thanks to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I know all the lyrics to “Why Don’t You Do Right?” Or that any time I anyone mentions “shave and a haircut,” all I can think about is busting out of a wall screaming “TWO BITS!”? Or that I think everyone need a singing Frank Sinatra sword. Or that Bob Hoskins is the best private detective in all of animated cinema? No, you probably don’t. But I bet you do care that this classic movie has one of the all-time, most terrifying scenes in an animated/live-action feature! That would be when the villain Judge Doom (masterfully enacted by Christopher Lloyd) dips a live toon shoe into “the dip,” a nasty concoction meant to kill Roger Rabbit and his animated buddies. Man…that shoe…that poor, POOR SHOE! *sobs*


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