ATB’s Top 25 Animated Movies: (21) Anastasia

Our list continues with the early parts of the top 25, movies that got a decent amount of support but not enough to vault up the rankings. Tomorrow: #20.

21) Anastasia (1 vote, 90 points)

Chris: Anastasia would be higher on this list, but Michaela forgot to vote for it. True story. As it is, I’m the torch bearer, and it only made it this far because I ranked it particularly high.

Look at the names associated with this movie. Christopher Lloyd. Kelsey Grammer. Angela Lansbury. Meg Ryan and John Cusack. Hell, there’s even a very young, not very well known Kirsten Dunst in here. Don Bluth and Fox had several other successful animated films, but nothing compares to the success of Anastasia.

About the only lingering complaint about this movie that I remember hearing about as a kid was the historical accuracy. That’s right, some folks didn’t like the fantastical, sometimes ridiculous retelling of events — because Pocahontas totally palled around with a raccoon and a hummingbird, and P.L. Travers and Walt Disney were totally best friends forever. So that’s all poppycock.

Anastasia is a rollicking adventure from start to finish with plenty of memorable music and interesting characters. That’s all that matters.

Shaun: I need to revisit Anastasia, because as a kid, I didn’t love it. Want to know why? Because the male character didn’t do enough in the movie. Here you have a movie, way ahead of its time in depicting a strong female character fully capable of protecting herself, and my conditioning to see the male character kick some ass and save the damsel in distress made me judge this movie. It’s a shameful confession, but it also makes me really look forward to watching it again. With my new perspective and the film’s strong voice acting, gorgeous animation, and wonderful music, I know I’m going to really love it, even if the plot ends with more of a whimper than a bang.

Michaela: Such a great movie. The songs are great. The animation is beautiful. I could care less if it’s as far from reality as possible. I hardly mind that the movie fictionalizes reality, because it takes it in full stride with the inclusion of magic and talking bats. I will say that, as a kid, the dream sequences on the ship frightened me with how they oscillated between delight and sheer horror.


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One thought on “ATB’s Top 25 Animated Movies: (21) Anastasia

  1. This movie ranks particularly high on my own list of favorite animated movies from when I was a kid. I used to watch it constantly and thought everything about the whole movie was great from the music to the animation. Reading this makes me want to find a copy of it somewhere and rewatch it again. Nostalgia.

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