ATB’s Top 25 Animated Movies: (24) The Lego Movie

Our list continues with the early parts of the top 25, movies that got a decent amount of support but not enough to vault up the rankings. Tomorrow: #23.

24) The Lego Movie (3 votes, 82 points)

Shaun: You don’t quite realize how deep The Lego Movie is until it’s over. That catchy, super fun song in the beginning? Pure propaganda meant to brainwash the masses. This fun, sprawling adventure? A real-life kid’s imaginings that manifest his broken relationship with his father. Batman being a hilarious badass?…no, that’s literally as awesome as it appears.

One more interesting thing about this movie is that it was yet another slam dunk for Chris Pratt. I hate to admit it because I don’t like giving actors that much power, but god damn. That guy is box office gold.

Chris: I saw the trailer for The Lego Movie when I was in theaters to watch Frozen, and I came away extremely underwhelmed. Trailers do that sometimes, you know? What I thought was harmless and shallow fun for kids turned out to be a much more layered and immersive experience.

A lot of animated movies, especially anything since the Disney Renaissance of the early 90s and then Pixar’s surge later in the decade, have catered to the masses by showcasing humor that appeals to adults and children alike. For every hilarious sight gag that everyone gets, there’s a subtle line of dialogue that flies right over kids’ heads. There might be no greater example of this than The Lego Movie, where Emmet’s indefatigable optimism and naivete is always good for a laugh, as well as Wyldstyle’s incredulous reactions to him.

All in all, a smart, wonderfully animated movie that takes an open-ended premise and delivers in almost every way. Love the plot twist, too.

Michaela: I didn’t expect Lego Movie to be as heartfelt and deep as it wound up being. A movie about self-identity and the meaning of being special, The Lego Movie exceeds a lot of expectations and even has a deeper message of a child’s imagination versus the mind of a mature adult and how they clash. Lots of good stuff, needless to say. My favorite character is Vitruvius. He’s hilarious, and the cameos of superheroes and presidents were entertaining as well.

David: Much like Chris, when I saw the trailer for the Lego Movie, I could not have been less impressed. “Everything is Awesome” sounded like complete tripe and the entire movie seemed like it would be nothing more than celebrity cameos in Lego form with no substance. How wrong I was. The depth of this story, along with the personal connection I felt to President Business (after all, I was the kid who always wanted to build Legos according to the manual), and the FANTASTIC voice acting, (seriously Shaun, how did you not mention Liam Neeson as Bad Cop?) made this an easy choice for the top 25.


(25) Kung Fu Panda





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