At the Buzzer’s Top 25 Animated Movies of All-Time

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Twice a year, we make it our goal to assemble our team and break down a top 25 list on a given subject. Now that summer is here, we decided to dip our toes into movies for the first time. What better way to start than with the lynchpins of our youth, the best animated movies of all-time?

A couple of notes before we get started. These are full-length feature films here, so no animated shorts or TV episodes or any of that. The loose bar we set was that the movie had to be at least half animation — that meant something like Space Jam made the cut, but Mary Poppins didn’t.

We’ve put together a panel of ATB stars and guests to narrow down the list. Today is just an introduction. In a few days, we’ll start to count down all the way to the best film of all-time on Aug. 31st. And you’ll have a chance to give us your input every step of the way. Agree with our choices? Wish a choice was ranked higher/lower? You’ll be able to sound off in both comments and polls.

Here’s how the whole thing will go down…


Three of the main folks from At the Buzzer (Chris, Shaun and David) have assembled, along with friends of the show Michaela, Michelle, Jason, and Cary. Each person was tasked with putting together a list of his or her top 25 animated movies ever. Those lists were combined, tossed into a giant spreadsheet with a points system, and the final tally was put together.

I’d put this in table form, but it’s a vertical mess and WordPress doesn’t like spreadsheets for some reason. So the hell with it. The top-ranked item on an individual’s list received 100 points; the No. 25 item received 1 point. It’s weighted toward the top and looks like this: (1 rank/100 points, 2/75, 3/60, 4/50, 5/45, 6/40, 7/37, 8/34, 9/31, 10/28, 11/25, 12/23, 13/21, 14/19, 15/17, 16/15, 17/13, 18/11, 19/9, 20/7, 21/5, 22/4, 23/3, 24/2, 25/1). The folks who make up ATB got an increase in how many points their votes were worth.

Our list only focuses on the top 25, because that’s what we were shooting for. Ultimately, I ended up compiling the list of the 75 highest choices, and we’ll run all the way through them so you can see how it turned out as well. It’s usually pretty interesting.


This list turned out a little differently than I expected, so let’s pull the lever and get things star–


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