Best Anime Openings/Endings – “Strength,” Abingdon Boys School

My second song from Soul Eater, this is the fourth and final ending called “Strength”. My favorite among the ending themes from the show, the piano is driving and melodic. The ending is admittedly strange to watch seeing as how most everyone is lying around dead, but it creates a sense of urgency and poignancy for the remaining heroes to fend off the enemy. It makes the finale of the show seem better than it actually is, and on one hand I really appreciate the ending’s ability to do that, but it’s also betraying. Either way, “Strength” is a fantastic song to listen to, and the full version is even better.

3 thoughts on “Best Anime Openings/Endings – “Strength,” Abingdon Boys School

  1. One of the things I like about watching an anime’s opening/ending animation, aside from being on the lookout for great music, is how some tend to provide small clues about a plot point or a hint about a character’s development to come later in a story. Obviously, not all of these sequences do that but it does add another layer to the anime watching experience and it makes these opening/ending animations much more meaningful.

    I’ve been enjoying these series of posts from you, even if some of the anime you’re listing aren’t ones I’ve either watched yet or heard of. Looking forward to reading more from you! 🙂

    1. A lot of times it can be risky to watch openings or endings since they tend to have spoilers, but in most cases, they’re really good about keeping it subtle without giving too much away. I’ve also found that even if they do spoil certain things, it just makes me more excited to get to that particular moment in the show and see it for myself! 🙂

      Thank you! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them. It’s actually been a lot of fun going through and writing about the songs that I really enjoy listening to. 😀

      1. I can’t recall watching an opening/ending sequence that I felt spoiled something to come later in the series itself, but I think the best ones are the ones that are really subtle about what will happen. It gives the viewer a chance to figure it out themselves or at least speculate on what they think the opening/ending is trying to imply for the future of the series. I really appreciate those. 🙂

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