Best Anime Openings/Endings – “Hacking to the Gate,” Kanako Ito

This next opening is featured in Steins;Gate. “Hacking to the Gate” contains key visuals and lyrics that correlate with many of the themes and ideas in Steins;Gate without spoiling the narrative in the show. This opening is fast and can be enjoyed listening to the song alone or by watching the accompanying video. This opening changes near the end of the show, utilizing different verses while the video remains the same. It’s a small touch, as the changes in lyrics serve to indicate a transition in the show’s narrative, but it’s a subtle detail that I really appreciate.

2 thoughts on “Best Anime Openings/Endings – “Hacking to the Gate,” Kanako Ito

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this choice! 🙂 I loved this theme from the moment I watched Steins;Gate. It’s really funny when I take stock of all the anime music I have on my iPod and I realize a lot of the music comes from opening/ending themes from animes. I tend to think those music selections leave the biggest impressions on a viewer and it’s hard to get them out of your head when you’re in the process of watching and finishing a series!

    1. There was a time when I was first getting into anime that I would skip the openings and endings simply because it felt strange to listen to songs in a foreign language, but now I can’t imagine doing that! Sometimes I won’t like an opening or ending no matter how much I listen to it, but the hope is that it’ll grow on me because the songs are usually so catchy and befitting of the series! 🙂

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