Obligatory Post: Tales of Berseria Announced

Even though Tales of Zestiria is still awaiting its North American release, fans of the series got some exciting news today: the announcement of the next major title, Tales of Berseria.

Berseria keeps up some important trends — nonsensical names ending in -ia, a different first letter whenever possible (so it can be clearly abbreviated to ToB), and familiar names working on character designs and cutscenes.

What’s new, however, is switching back to just one protagonist, as seen below:


So far barely anything is known about Berseria, other than it’s slated for both Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 when it drops. Oh, and its protagonist looks pretty cool (albeit kinda like a female Yuri Lowell). More details will be released in the weeks and months to come, and because I’m the main writer on this site, you best believe we’ll be covering Tales of Berseria as more is revealed.

5 thoughts on “Obligatory Post: Tales of Berseria Announced

  1. If that lady is the protagonist I think I might actually adore a tales protagonist close to instantly. All the others I find rather meh or took some time to really grow on me.

      1. If she looks too different in 3D to her concept art I’m gonna very truly scream till my throat hurts, don’t RUIN this Namco with okay 3D model work.

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