Excuse the Mess — ATB is Remodeling

We made our first major website change about three years ago, switching to a front page that had that cool carousel that featured a handful of posts and their images. It’s been pretty neat. However, one of the major complaints that we’ve seen with it (both from listeners and readers and ourselves) is that it’s not mobile-friendly. Specifically, to make a static front page, it makes the site almost unnavigable on mobile devices.

So it’s time to change that. With that in mind, I’m overhauling everything here over the next 24 hours or so. This is my only day off in this entire stretch (mega-overtime work weeks will do that to you), but I’m gonna see if I can’t get things up and running before tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, watch your step, wear a hard hat, and please give us your patience while we get the site looking spiffier than ever. I think you’ll be pleased with the end result. I included a picture of Stacy Keibler to help you wait.

3 thoughts on “Excuse the Mess — ATB is Remodeling

  1. Really like the new layout! It’s clean, easy to navigate, and I especially like the font you chose. (Also, a big YES to this theme on mobile devices — it’s fantastic.)

    1. Honestly, I like everything about the change except the story carousel on the main page loads pretty slowly in some browsers. Overall, though, I’m happy with how it turned out — especially considering how terrible our site looked on mobile before.

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