My Top 10 Favorite Episodes of The Legend of Korra

After last time’s list of top ten favorite Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes, it only makes sense to do the same for the enjoyable continuation of the franchise, The Legend of Korra. With that, here is my list of my top ten favorite Legend of Korra episodes.

The Legend of Korra Book Three Change cover pic

10. After All These Years (Book 4: Balance)
“After All These Years” is a strong first episode for the final Book of the Korra series, and Korra isn’t even in the episode until the very end. Instead, the episode focuses on the other major characters after the three year time skip, and seeing where these character sets up a great foundation for Book 4.

9. Beyond the Wilds (Book 4: Balance)
I’ve always thought that Zaheer was one of the most fascinating villain in the entire series, and “Beyond The Wilds” reaffirms this. He exudes both terror and support for Korra, and being ultimately responsible for her full recovery emphasizes the impact he continues to have in her life even after the finale of Book 3.

8. Skeletons in the Closet (Book 1: Air)
Amon and Tarrlock manage to be pretty sympathetic characters when their back-story is revealed in “Skeletons in the Closet”.

7. The Ultimatum (Book 3: Change)
The second half of “The Ultimatum” completely shifts as sh** gets real, and for the first time watching The Legend of Korra, I was legitimately concerned about the characters in the episodes to follow.

6. Old Wounds (Book 3: Change)
“Old Wounds” explores Lin’s past with her sister, for the first time showing a more vulnerable side of her tough character and making her sympathetic and relatable for the first time in the series.

5. Out of the Past (Book 1: Air)
“Out of the Past” provides much needed background context for the story in Season 1. Korra’s escape was well-choreographed and exciting to watch.

Out of the Past screenshot

4. Korra Alone (Book 4: Balance)
A reference to my favorite episode from the first series, “Zuko Alone”, “Korra Alone” has many callbacks not only to Avatar: The Last Airbender, but other movies and shows as well. Korra’s character development in this episode is meaningful and long-lasting, unlike in earlier seasons, making “Korra Alone” an excellent foundation for her character arc.

3. Beginnings, Part 1 (Book 2: Spirits)
“Beginnings, Part 1” is responsible for pulling Book 2 together with funny, memorable character interactions and a unique animation style all brought together with great voice acting.

2. Venom of the Red Lotus (Book 3: Change)
An amazing finale free of Deus Ex Machina’s that forces Korra into a high-stakes, intense battle of life and death against Zaheer. The camera work during their battle is stunning and fun to watch. “Venom of the Red Lotus” has its share of touching moments and a memorable, bittersweet ending, making it one of the best finales in the entire franchise.

1. Beginnings, Part 2 (Book 2: Spirits)
“Beginnings, Part 2” continues to explore the life of one of my favorite characters in the entire franchise, Avatar Wan. His story is extremely well-written despite his appearance in only two episodes in the entire series, with believable character development and a touching friendship with Raava. The traditional, colorful Chinese art style in this episode is a beautiful backdrop for Wan’s world and provides a sense of just how ancient his story is. His battle with Vaatu is epic, grand in scale, and highly reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender. “Beginnings, Part 2” is among some of the most well-written episodes of the Legend of Korra series, earning it the number one spot on my list of top ten favorite Korra episodes.

Best Avatar ever. I don’t care if he keeps getting thrown  under the bus, he’s still the best.
Best Avatar ever. I don’t care that he keeps getting thrown under the bus, he’s still the best.

Notable Mention:
Welcome to Republic City (Book 1: Air)
Korra’s strong, independent personality sets her apart from Aang in this first episode, and with the colorful backdrop of Republic City, “Welcome to Republic City” was thoroughly entertaining and great start to the series.

One thought on “My Top 10 Favorite Episodes of The Legend of Korra

  1. Venom of the Red Lotus is easily my favourite and it seems like a lot of other people seem to love it too! I also loved the episodes with Avatar Wan 🙂
    Awesome list!

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