New Persona 5 Trailer: Cats, Masks, Prisons, and…Evil Personas?


We got a new Persona 5 trailer from Atlus earlier this morning, and unlike the last version, this one gives us our first look at gameplay and some other substantial hints as well.

You can check out the video yourself below. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here, but…

  • It looks like there’s a cat in your party.
  • The first three main characters look pretty happenin’.
  • The game is going to look gorgeous on PS4.
  • Igor’s back, and his nose is bigger and pointier than ever. Also, is the Velvet Room a prison? Could be pretty messed up.
  • Your characters don masks and then start parkouring/skating around the city. They might also be thieves or superheroes or Tuxedo Mask, which is cool.
  • Back to high school! Other than the usual hanging out in class, the protagonist gets some chalk hurled at his dome by the teacher.
  • The menus in and out of battle are sleek and dynamic.
  • The ending might be the most interesting. Do characters turn evil? Do they turn into Personas themselves? Is that what has the potential to corrupt people?

Unlike the last trailer, I’m all aboard the hype train. Persona 5 launches sometime later this year in Japan, with a Western release already confirmed as well. Chugga chugga.

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