ATB’s Top 25 Zelda Items: (13) Megaton/Skull Hammer


No more games, no more pretense — this is our list of the top 25 Zelda items of all-time. Whether they were weapons or shields or utility items, these are the panel’s selections for the coolest or most useful inventory slots in the series. We’ll be counting down one by one until we reach the #1 pick on Jan. 31.

13) Megaton/Skull Hammer – 4 votes, 192 points

Chris: This is going to be a divisive entry in our list, for a couple reasons. One, these could have been combined with the Hammer/Magic Hammer from earlier in the top 25 — their functions aren’t THAT different. Doing so would still not have moved the hammers into the top five. Or, these two could have been separate: the Skull Hammer does a tiny bit more than the Megaton, with its ability to be swung sideways and its shockwave when slamming the ground.

But this is the way things have played out, so here we are.

Personally, I liked the look of the Megaton Hammer a little bit more than the Skull Hammer. Maybe it was the more sleek, refined design. I dunno. For both items, getting to smash the daylights out of creatures always felt satisfying (especially flattening them in Wind Waker).

Shaun: There have been many hammers in the series, but the only one worth a lick is the Megaton Hammer from OoT. The Skull Hammer from Wind Waker just looks stupid, and the Magic Hammer is a dumb looking wooden mallet that makes Link look more like he is getting ready to hunt some gophers than saving the world.

The Megaton Hammer, on the other hand, is a true hero’s hammer. Sleek and silver, the hammer is almost cooler than his sword, and definitely packs a bigger punch. Plus, bonus points for being Link’s go-to weapon against Ganon when his Master Sword is knocked out of the arena. If you didn’t get the Biggoron Sword, the Megaton Hammer is your only choice, but it’s all you need. Once you smash the s*** out of Ganon’s tail a few time, you wonder why you ever needed the Master Sword at all.

Joseph: It is really only useful for minor puzzles and bosses. I would say they should have nixed this item, but I cannot think of one that would provide the same usability. Maybe the power gloves could punch posts into the ground?

Michaela: These two items are responsible for some of my favorite boss fights in the series. Smashing the enemy’s face is a blast thanks to the sheer force these hammers have. Call me sadistic, but you can’t deny that I have my priorities straight.

Cary: I don’t recall much about the Megaton hammer in Ocarina of Time, but oh…do I remember the Skull Hammer from Wind Waker! My go-to weapon in just about any fantasy RPG is of the two-handed variety, because there’s nothing like bashing skulls in with a single, mighty blow (um…in video games). In Wind Waker, the Skull Hammer was a beautiful and deadly two-handed weapon that was also ridiculously huge. Nothing amused me more than watching pint-sized, cel-shaded Link with his oversized head and non-existent feet whip the giant Skull Hammer from out of nowhere to deal massive destruction. Of all the weapons in all the Zelda games that I’ve played, the Skull Hammer is far and away my favorite.


(14) Double Clawshot

(15) Bunny Hood

(16) Light Arrows

(17) Zora Mask

(18) Hammer/Magic Hammer

(19) Bracelets/Gauntlets/etc.

(20) Din’s Fire

(21) Iron Boots

(22) Zora Tunic

(23) Silver Arrows

(24) Four Sword

(25) Magic Cape



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