ATB’s Top 25 Zelda Items: (14) Double Clawshot


No more games, no more pretense — this is our list of the top 25 Zelda items of all-time. Whether they were weapons or shields or utility items, these are the panel’s selections for the coolest or most useful inventory slots in the series. We’ll be counting down one by one until we reach the #1 pick on Jan. 31.

14) Double Clawshot – 4 votes, 163 points

Chris: This is the item that essentially makes Link into Spider-Man. No, not the mopey and emo Tobey Maguire version. No, not the doomed-to-repeat-the-same-mistakes Andrew Garfield version. Just the superhero who had the power to swing between buildings with the greatest of ease.

One clawshot is boring, but the second one opened up a bunch of fun possibilities. It was an upgrade I wasn’t really expecting, even though you previously could see a couple places where the regular clawshot wasn’t getting the job done. More importantly, it sets up one of the most fun boss fights in the entire series — taking on the dragon Argorok while zipping between giant pillers and flying plants to avoid his attacks.

I wish we could find some kind of compromise between the hookshot and clawshot, considering their similarities, but I also wonder if that doesn’t break the balance a bit. A clawshot that could stun enemies like the hookshot might be too useful. Still, in their two appearances, the Double Clawshots have been quite entertaining.

Joseph: Basically the same item as the hookshot, only the clawshot has an upgrade to design and usability. I was happy they abandoned the pretense in Skyward Sword and handed you both at once so I would not have to obsess over which puzzles could be solved now versus when I got the second claw.

Michaela: One Clawshot is already pretty fun and similar to the Hookshot, but combine another one and it suddenly opens a lot of doors for traversing a given dungeon. Its inclusion in one of the best boss fights in Twilight Princess and this item is pretty awesome. It’s also safe to say that it’s easily the best item introduced in Twilight Princess because of how it’s applied in the game.

Shaun: I agree with Michaela, it’s easily one of the best items in Twilight Princess, leads to arguably the best boss fight, and I’ll even up the ante and say it was my favorite dungeon. Two hookshots has been something I’ve wanted in a Zelda game for about 20 years now, and when we finally got it, it didn’t disappoint. From the ability to suspend yourself on walls to reach another vantage point, to hanging from the ceiling and ascending and descending like a Spider-Link, the double clawshot was the most fun I had in Twilight Princess. Now we just need to fulfill my other dream and give the hookshot real combat capabilities…


(15) Bunny Hood

(16) Light Arrows

(17) Zora Mask

(18) Hammer/Magic Hammer

(19) Bracelets/Gauntlets/etc.

(20) Din’s Fire

(21) Iron Boots

(22) Zora Tunic

(23) Silver Arrows

(24) Four Sword

(25) Magic Cape



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3 thoughts on “ATB’s Top 25 Zelda Items: (14) Double Clawshot

  1. The double clawshot is just one of those items that you wonder why such a great idea doesn’t exist, get to the dungeon and go OH it does…..well damn this is more cool than I originally thought.

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