ATB’s Top 25 Zelda Items: (23) Silver Arrows


No more games, no more pretense — this is our list of the top 25 Zelda items of all-time. Whether they were weapons or shields or utility items, these are the panel’s selections for the coolest or most useful inventory slots in the series. We’ll be counting down one by one until we reach the #1 pick on Jan. 31.

23) Silver Arrows – 3 votes, 98 points

Chris:  Why this and not the Light Arrow? Why weren’t the two combined? Because their purpose and use is distinct enough that our panelists landed on both sides of the equation.

Sure, the Silver Arrows are used to defeat Ganon, just like the Light version. The difference is that these actually deliver the final blow. In both the original game and Link to the Past, you wear down Ganon with other attacks to stun him and then send him into oblivion (or a short vacation until the next game) with the Silver Arrows. The opposite is true of the Light Arrows — they stun, sword kills.

The other advantage Silver has is being able to kill some bosses in one hit. If you enjoy a world-killing, powerful version of Link, nothing feels better than seeing the Armos Knights and destroying them with a single arrow.

Shaun: Like Chris said, the Light Arrows are basically nerfed Silver Arrows, dumbed down equivalents made so that Link doesn’t mow down Ganon’s entire army in an evening. Sure, the Light Arrows look a lot cooler, and probably should be more effective, but when it comes down to pure, demon-slaying power, or killing rampant werewolves, nothing beats the silver precursor.

Joseph: This powerful upgrade to the regular arrow gave Link unmatched ranged combat. And they should be effective against werewolves as well. You never really understand how useful they are until you fire two at a boss and it dies. Potentially game breaking, but sometimes you want to feel powerful.


(24) Four Sword

(25) Magic Cape



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