ATB’s Top 25 Zelda Items: Honorable Mention


Not every item in the Zelda series was good enough to make the list. More than half of them didn’t even receive a vote from our panel. Listed below is every item that DID receive at least one vote, but not enough points to make it into the top 75 (let alone our actual ranking of the top 25).

Some of these were honest votes. Some of these were jokes in the No. 25 spot. I’ll leave it to you to decipher which is which.


76) Gilded Sword

77) Gust Bellows/Jar

78) Great Fairy’s Sword

79) Goron Mask

80) World’s Finest Eye Drops

81) Kokiri Tunic

82) Keaton Mask

83) Magnetic Gloves

84) Magic Armor

85) Food

86) Spinner

87) Picto Box

88) Phantom Hourglass

89) Big Key

90) Tingle Tuner




Video Games


Male VG Characters,

Female VG Characters



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