At the Buzzer’s Top 25 Zelda Items of All-Time


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With the new year comes a brand-new ranking, something a bit different than what we’ve done before: the top 25 Zelda items of all-time.

This is a bit of an odd bird compared to our other lists. Like our picks for the best Pokemon ever, this ranking has a finite number of choices. After sifting through the inventory screens for each Zelda game in the series so far, I narrowed it down to about 220 choices. Pretty much anything that you can acquire is eligible as long as it shows up on one of those screens, with the exception of the Triforce of Courage. So tunics, swords, shields, weapons, bottles, Tingle Tuners, etc. were all possibilities.

Though we’ll discuss this a bit more as we reveal our choices, a few items were combined if they were extremely similar. For example, we voted on one bow as a group rather than separating it into Hero’s Bow, Bow, Fairy Bow, etc. — they all do the same damn thing. But Bombs and Bombchus were listed individually.

We’ve put together a panel of ATB stars and guests to narrow down the list. Today is just an introduction. In a few days, we’ll start to count down all the way to the best item of all-time on Jan. 31st. And you’ll have a chance to give us your input every step of the way. Agree with our choices? Wish an item was ranked higher/lower? You’ll be able to sound off in both comments and polls.

Here’s how the whole thing will go down…


Three of the main folks from At the Buzzer (Chris, Shaun and David) have assembled, along with friends of the show Joseph, Michaela, Michelle, Nick, Doug and Cary. Each person was tasked with putting together a list of his or her top 25 Zelda items ever. Those lists were combined, tossed into a giant spreadsheet with a points system, and the final tally was put together.

I’d put this in table form, but it’s a vertical mess and WordPress doesn’t like spreadsheets for some reason. So the hell with it. The top-ranked item on an individual’s list received 100 points; the No. 25 item received 1 point. It’s weighted toward the top and looks like this: (1 rank/100 points, 2/75, 3/60, 4/50, 5/45, 6/40, 7/37, 8/34, 9/31, 10/28, 11/25, 12/23, 13/21, 14/19, 15/17, 16/15, 17/13, 18/11, 19/9, 20/7, 21/5, 22/4, 23/3, 24/2, 25/1). The two folks who make up ATB got an increase in how many points their votes were worth.

Our list only focuses on the top 25, because that’s what we were shooting for. Ultimately, I ended up compiling the list of the 75 highest choices, and we’ll run all the way through them so you can see how it turned out as well. It’s usually pretty interesting.


Today: Introduction

Jan. 4: Honorable Mention

Jan. 5: #75-51

Jan. 6: #50-26

Jan. 7: #25

Jan. 8: #24

Jan. 30: #2

Jan. 31: #1

Feb. 1: Recap/Overall Thoughts


This should be entertaining, and full of surprises. I wonder what’s inside this particular treasure chest OH GOD



4 thoughts on “At the Buzzer’s Top 25 Zelda Items of All-Time

  1. Reblogged this on Recollections of Play and commented:
    It’s the start of a new year, and that means that the good people of At the Buzzer are kicking off another countdown! Last year, they were kind enough to extend to me the opportunity to participate in their top video game characters list. This year’s list is all about items in the Legend of Zelda games. And when the invite came to cast my votes, I just couldn’t say no! I mean, you can probably count on one hand the number of immortal game series that boast item inventories as robust as those in the Zelda games. Below is the introductory post that explains the whos and whats. From there you can link to all the current posts in the list. Follow along for the big reveal of the WORLD’S* NUMBER ONE FAVORITE ZELDA ITEM OF ALL TIME EXCLAMATION POINT at the end of the month!

    *not an exaggeration…maybe.

  2. My prediction is no. 1: the sword. Hey, it is an item! (In Link’s Awakening anyway…). Now I think about it that game had some other great items too: Roc’s Feather, the Pegasus Boots… ah, my first Zelda game. Excuse my nostalgia. I’d also assume the hookshot will appear, what a classic.

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