ATB Ultimate Phoenix Wright Hub

Sometimes, game franchises transcend every expectation laid out for them, and elevate into a new stratosphere of respect and admiration, commanding the attention of legions of fans the world around. This ascension is based on winning the hearts and minds of thousands of people when our crew at ATB makes an ultimate gaming hub page on it, and today, a new game series rises up among its peers—Phoenix Wright.

Hobo Phoenix's Objection

A lot has been written about Phoenix Wright on ATB over the years, and now, you can enjoy a one stop shop for all Ace Attorney related content.

1. The future and Sherlock Holmes



2. Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton

Dark Phoenix concept art PL vs PW



3. ATB’s Best of Lists

There’s a lot of love for this series with our crew…

Phoenix vs Miles

4. Music

Phoenix Wright games consistently have some of the best music in the industry.

Apollo and Clay

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