Merry Christmas from At the Buzzer!


A holiday tradition around these parts is to take a week off for Christmas. This year is no exception — there won’t be a new episode of the show this week, and videos will go on hiatus from Wednesday through Monday. I’m still going to keep posting two videos a day through the end of December, though.

One of the things I take quite seriously is keeping things up to date on the site. We’ve mentioned it many times before, but for fledgling bloggers, the biggest tip I would give is consistent content. We only missed a couple episodes in the last two and a half years (two of which weren’t even in our control because of technical issues). I try my damndest to have something new on the site every day, and the misses are few and far between. To me, if you’re going to try to raise viewership and create a dedicated base of people visiting your site, you have to give them an incentive to do so. “Is there something new here for the first time in three weeks?” is not an incentive.

This year we reached 500,000 hits and had more podcast downloads than ever before. That’s pretty cool.

Anyway, I’ll be heading home to see family over the next few days, and taking the time to breathe a little bit away from the site (and more importantly, work). This pretty Christmas tree will lead things off on the front page until we get back. There will be another Kingdom Hearts 2 and Super Smash Bros. video posting on Tuesday, and the first podcast of the new year will post on Jan. 1 (with an extensive look back at the best of 2014).

Until then, thank you for visiting the site or listening to our show, and stay tuned for all the stuff we have planned for 2015!

P.S.: SPOILER ALERT: We’ll be starting another big top 25 list on Jan. 1 as well. What will it be? Let’s just say it’ll be dangerous to go alone.

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