At The Buzzer’s Top Ten Most Read of 2014

Another year down, another step closer to complete world domination by At the Buzzer Incorporated. However, we can’t take all the credit – our fans and readers have played an instrumental part during the silent phases of our invasion this past year. To honor you, I’ve decided to share with you the articles that you as our readers have clicked on the most to aid us in this conquest. Merry Christmas.

10. Racism and Disney’s Frozen

Author: Jason

Leave it to Frozen to round out the top ten. Depending on your circle, Frozen is either one of the greatest Disney movies ever made, or the most sinister cinematic abomination this side of Batman and Robin. Point is, whether you love it or hate it, you probably care about it way too damn much. Jason’s piece throws in some racism controversy and an in-depth anthropology lesson, creating a sure bet for click-bait! The end result, whether you agree or not, is that hopefully it made you think, which is often the goal over here.



9. Whose Line Taping: The Ups and Downs (But Mostly Ups)

Author: Chris

Chris’ recap of our harrowing and hilarious adventure to a live “Whose Line is it Anyway” taping proves one important fact that I have always believed–people still care about this show.



8. Why Edea is really Bravely Default’s main character

Author: Shaun

Bravely Default was the new hotness on the web for a while there, and ATB was no exception. We had a bunch of different BD-centric articles, and in this one, I explore why Edea is the best character in that entire game. 100 hours later, I stand by my assertion.




7. Avatar, Relationships Done Right pt. 2: Mai & Zuko

Author: Jason

As Korra just ended and set itself to go down as one of the best animated series of all time, it’s fitting that an Avatar article would find its way on this list. The fact that this article was written in 2012 and continues to get read is a testament to how strong the characters of that show are, and to what extent they continue to resonate with audiences.

Mai gives Zuko a stern warning


6.Where is Persona 5?

Author: Chris

It was a question for the ages, and apparently, you agreed and wanted answers as much as we did. Thankfully, we’ve finally gotten our answer.



5. A Lebanese P90X Fitness Diary – Day One

Author: Shaun

I honestly don’t know what made people more compelled to read this: the fact that I was exploring whether or not P90x is an effective program, or just what the hell a Lebanese fitness diary is supposed to be…

P90X Review


4. BioShock Infinite’s Ending, Explained – What It All Means

Author: Shaun

My guide to the ending of BioShock Infinite means that either people were so immersed in this title that they continue to enjoy and debate it well after its release, or that the ending was such a damn confusing mess that you couldn’t possibly understand it without a walk-through. The jury’s still out.



3. BioShock 4 Announced…Pretty Much: The Two-Part “Burial at Sea” DLC

Author: Shaun

BioShock again! Considering the obvious fan engagement in the series, it’s depressing that we’re never again going to be able to visit the world of BioShock again…probably. Stranger things have happened, but the studio responsible being dissolved isn’t helping matters…



2. Is a Gamefly Membership worth your money?

Author: Shaun

Maybe it’s because Gamefly’s popularity continues to grow, but people were interested in hearing my thoughts on whether or not they should buy a membership.




1. Ash Ketchum is the Worst Pokemon Trainer Ever

Author: Chris

Here at ATB, we like to tackle the real issues. The stuff of nightmares. The things that keep you up at night. And nothing demonstrates this more than our number one most read article of 2014.

Chris’ philosophical dissertation on what it means to be a “trainer” was the most read article of 2014, and it wasn’t even close. Haters are gonna hate, and we, along with the entire community, had plenty of hate to share for the infamous Ash Ketchum and his misadventures as he continues to defy expectations by repeatedly getting his ass kicked despite owning the strongest Pikachu of all-time. Don’t ever change, Ash.


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