P90X3/Insanity: The Asylum Crossover Post

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. As promised, we have a final post for your reading pleasure. We had a wonderful time exercising for you, and now we would like to take the time to reflect back on our trials and tribulations. While we do not have a comparison photo per (Mr. El-Ters was a little shy) we will have our beginning, middle and final pictures on display. I hope you enjoy the post.

A Retrospective

Tech Guy: I have found it. I have battled through P90X, Insanity, and now P90X3. Of the three of them, the final is my chosen workout. And unless something changes, it will continue to be for years to come. A simple, 30-minute routine that effectively works me out and has the potential for expansion (you can double up on workouts if you want more) is highly versatile and, ultimately, convenient. It is a complete package that means I will no longer need to actively look for another routine. P90X3 works for me, and I am going to keep it. Shaun: I’m glad Tech Guy found the Holy Grail of work out videos, but I’m sad to report I was not as lucky. Here’s the problem, and it’s pretty simple – Insanity Asylum, as a program, is too damn hard. And I know that seems like a dumb thing to say when the program’s name itself is about losing your mind, but the problem is, the ramped up difficulty provides you little sense of progression. Keep at it and pace yourself in the original, and you’ll get there and be able to finish. Asylum? Good god damn luck finishing some of those cardio sets. I honestly just didn’t enjoy it that much, which is a problem when working out takes a strong commitment to begin with.


Tech Guy: Mr El-Ters, the world is dying to know, what kept you from posting all this time? Shaun: Allow me to provide my response in song: Chica-chica-chica-chica-chica-chica-chica-DU. DU DU DU. DU DU DU. DU DU DUUUUUU That’s Eye of the Tiger. You want to know why? Because I’m back from the DEAD and ready to COMPETE, that’s why! Life has been a little crazy, but I went hard to catch up the last month and a half! Was it too late? Find out at the bottom of this post very soon! Tech Guy: My training montage would have more “Ro, ro, fight the power” in it, but I can see where you are coming from. Shaun: My turn. The fans are dying to know – did you get the results you wanted? What results did you want? Tech Guy: Is a six pack too much to ask for? Ultimately, I wanted a workout I could accomplish and still feel challenged. That is exactly what I got with my program. If I keep at it and slowly ramp up the difficulty, I will be doing 10 pull-ups in no time. Then 20. Who knows where I will stop. I just hope it keeps me healthy and increases the range of activities I can accomplish. Did I reach my goals? Not all of them, but I like to think fitness is a process and slowly builds over time. I am certainly more fit than I used to be, which is great. What would be your choice between the exercises you have done? Would you prefer a fusion of the two? Shaun: I think for the future I would do a fusion of Asylum, the original, and the ab videos from P90X, but Asylum would be in small doses. My go to choice, and the program I’m going to be doing again to prepare for the Spartan Sprint, will be mostly the original Insanity, with some other work outs thrown in occasionally to switch it up. Tech Guy: I like the idea of varying the routine. After three months in the program, I think finishing becomes more of an accomplishment of endurance. It can start to feel like a prison, and now that I am free I can do what I want. I want to add more running to my weekly exercises. Maybe throw in some pull-ups and push ups on days when I would not normally do them. I think not having constraints will open up more possibilities for me. Shaun: Okay, I’m interested in this: who is the personality you liked more, Tony Horton or Shaun T.? Tech Guy: I think I have mentioned this in earlier posts. Mine would be Tony Horton. While Shaun T. is great at telling you to push your limits, he is much too serious. Tony jokes around (albeit poorly) and puts more fun into the fitness. He admits he takes breaks, but he does it to show proper form and do what trainers should do. I do not think anybody can look at him and say he cannot accomplish the workout. His physique speaks for itself. Shaun: Shaun T. all the way. The guy is a tank, and so full of motivation. Plus, I love how he struggles along with you. Yes, he tends to finish most of the workout, but he definitely struggles, and that’s great to see. Tech Guy: Final question. What is your ideal post-workout meal? Shaun: Hmm…I usually always follow with a protein shake, but for an actual meal? I love a good steak with a side of cooked broccoli. The plate is usually split about 50-50. It’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but I feel good when my meal supplements my physical routine. Yours? Tech Guy: Immediately after the workout I make an egg white dish with protein powder that works for me. Meal-wise? Replace the steak with chicken and I’m in the same boat. I try to get as many vegetables as I can in throughout the day, and broccoli is relatively cheap while giving me the nutrients I need.

The Final Moment

Insanity: The Asylum Results (Shaun)


It’s important to demonstrate the whole journey. This is where the first Insanity left me, but you have to see this to truly understand the fall…

End of Insanity.
End of Insanity.

Week 0

…and this is where I found myself about a year later. Amazing what inactivity and pizza will do.

Looks like a shirtless mugshot.
Looks like a shirtless mugshot.

Week ???

About half way through, and while I feel great, the weight is only just now sort of starting to come off. It also didn’t help that I got an extremely late start to the program – the first two weeks consisted heavily of the pizza and napping routine.

Slowly but surely. And yeah, eyes closed. We only had one take...
Slowly but surely. And yeah, eyes closed. We only had one take…

Week 12

Final! It’s not where I was after the original, but I’m happy with the result and feel great. I’m also a little strong and better at things like pull-ups, and a little more flexible, whereas the original Insanity focused primarily on cardio. Don’t ask about my face though. I don’t know.

End of Asylum.
End of Asylum.

P90X3 Results (Tech Guy)

Week 0

I look so young and happy.
I look so young and happy.

Week 6

You can see time wearing me down.
You can see time wearing me down.

Week 12

That cross is not on the wall. It just appeared in the photo...
That cross is not on the wall. It just appeared in the photo…

Democracy in Action

And now for the final vote. You can exercise your voice and let us know how you feel. Who looks the best? Who made the most progress? Who is the better Tech Guy? Your criterion are not restricted, but you can only choose one of us. Whomever receives the most votes will be deemed the winner and will have his initials shaved into the loser’s leg hair when Mr. El-Ters and Mr. Guy participate in a Spartan Sprint in February. The polls close at 12a on December 29, 2014 (for legal reasons, I have to be specific). Their fate is in your hands. Choose wisely…

UPDATE: Shaun has recently upped the ante for our wager. Instead of shaving the initials of the winner into the loser’s legs, he has suggested full-on leg hair removal, and I have accepted. We will post pictures of the result.

UPDATE 2: Mr. El-Ters informed me of some unusual polling activity. 195 votes? We’re special, but we have a hard time believing all of those votes are legitimate. The previous poll was open to repeat votes from the same IP address. This new poll is not. Mr. El-Ters was willing to concede the contest, but I’d prefer it to be as fair as possible. I apologize to those of you who voted before. Let your opinion be known again. Same deadline. Please, one vote per person.


The blog-off may be over, but the fun is not. Expect an update before the Spartan Sprint so you can see how we have kept it off or gained it back in the next few months. We are looking forward to showing you what we can do, and we hope you look forward to seeing it. Thank you all for reading.

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    1. Thank you. We appreciate your readership and are happy to hear you are as unenthusiastic about Asylum as we were. We hope you keep up the good work with your exercise regiment and have a wonderful new year.

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