Music to My Ears: Fortress Boss Remix


Super Smash Brothers music for back-to-back posts? Why not? Let’s go crazy.

Since SSB4 dropped on the Wii U a couple weeks ago, we’ve had the chance to jump into it a little bit. About the only downside is that multiple save files are not possible, meaning that I’ve been avoiding the game except for when we play it in groups. It’s Shaun’s copy, after all, so unlocking everything would take some of the fun out of it.

We recorded some videos right after the game came out of the box, including our foibles of trying to navigate the always-confusing menu screens. Those should be posted sometime soon.

My big takeaway is that the game’s soundtrack (which is three times larger than the 3DS version, as promised) is impressively expansive. There’s a lot of great music here, from remixed versions of old classics to original tracks from Nintendo’s heyday. You also get access to a bunch of songs from earlier in the SSB series itself. That means if you’re unsatisfied with the newest iteration of Final Destination’s BGM, you can always go back to the Uematsu version from Brawl, for example.

This week’s featured track comes as a bit of a surprise to me. Even though a lot of the soundtrack started to leak on YouTube a couple weeks before the Wii U version’s release, the Fortress Boss remix was one I don’t remember seeing. Imagine my intrigue when Spanish guitars started blaring from my speakers in a greatly appreciated update to an under-the-radar Super Mario World track. Trying to dissect this arrangement doesn’t really do it justice — you’re better off clicking the play button and listening for yourself.

I’m sure there are still other songs from SSB that I haven’t had a chance to listen to yet. Like in Brawl, there are CDs that you can collect during play in the various game modes, and I’m not sure we’ve grabbed any of those yet. Nintendo isn’t releasing its two-disc OST until March, and gamerips of the soundtrack aren’t complete yet either. I’m hoping that there are other gems buried beneath the surface, and if I really like any of them, I’ll post about them here.

Super Smash Brothers – Fortress Boss Remix

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