Dueling Fitness Blog: P90X3 Review, Week 12 (With Photos)

At long last, the final installment in the epic P90X3 saga is here. It’s been a long road, but I’m glad you all stuck with me. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed Tony Horton’s jokes. Which is to say “a lot”. I would love to take a break after all my hard work, but you don’t stroll to the finish line, you sprint.

The Big Surprise?

Did I gain muscle? Yes. Did I lose fat? Yes. But the big surprise is not how big or cut I look. P90X3 also helps with a pivotal part of fitness: flexibility.

I am now more flexible than I have ever been before. If that is not important you, you can probably replace Yoga X and Pilates X with a resistance exercise and be fine, but my goals include how I look AND what I can do with it. And the level of activity I can achieve without flexibility is lower than with it, so I want it. Not a hard decision for me.

The Bonus Week

After the 90-day peri- wait. Ninety? But I have done seven days a week for 12 weeks. 7 x 12 = 84. The final week of the program full of six videos and a fit test/photo shoot. The videos are not geared toward putting on the final pound of muscle, but I will do them regardless. I promised Tony Horton 90 days and I will give him 90. No excuses. No bargains. Sadly, no post next week. But I have something to tell you that should compensate for that. Keep reading.

Three Months in Review

It is hard to believe I have been doing these workouts for a quarter of a year. When I started, it seemed a little daunting. There was no way for me to guarantee I could keep the commitment. Then again, I have committed to high school, college and work for much longer periods of time. This was easy compared to those. And I do not regret doing a single workout (unless I injured myself).

Another lovely facet of the P90X series is the different calendars they provide you. There is the classic calendar with the standard array of videos, but they also provide lean, mass and doubles. For those of you who have varying fitness goals, these provide a framework for your possible future regiment. However, the program recommends you do the classic schedule prior to branching out, and I agree with them. By going through the routine twice, you are more likely to build a better fitness lifestyle. In no way is the work done just because you finish the last week. The decision to be healthier is a lifetime commitment.

The Final Results

Introduction not needed, but provided.

Week 10

This precipitates the end. This precipitates the end.

Week 10-4

Week 12

Week 12-3The final product.

The final product.
And there you have it. There are the kind of results you may see in 84 days with the P90X3 program. I mentioned earlier that I would provide you with something special. Well, here it is. In two weeks time, I will physically be in Flagstaff to force Mr. El-Ters to post. Just imagine it. We owe you all a comparison photo for the final vote, after all. Until that glorious day, thank you for reading.

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