Starting Tomorrow: Tales of Hearts R Full Playthrough


Figured I would put up a bit of an announcement ahead of what’s coming tomorrow: the beginning of a full playthrough of Tales of Hearts R.

Usually, we’ve been using the weekend as a place to run filler, or episodes of series that fell off the map for a while, or…nothing. I’m sick of that, so instead, the weekends are going to be home to a new type of let’s play series. In these, I’ll be tackling some of my favorite games — some of which I’ve played before, some of which I haven’t. Instead of 10-20 minute videos, these suckers are here for the long haul. We’re talking somewhere around an hour apiece. So for those of you who want more from our playthroughs or don’t like how spaced out they get in the weekly format, this change may be appealing.

The other difference between these and our regular playthroughs is that it’ll be a more chill atmosphere. I’ll be keeping quiet through most of the voiced cutscenes in these games, then talking about the action in dungeons and battles and other times. So if you’re the type who wanted to hear Cookie Masterson talking more during our You Don’t Know Jack episodes, guess what? Here’s your opportunity. It’s also a chance to keep tabs on the story in a game you might not get the chance to play yourself. Maybe it’s because you don’t own the system, or won’t have the time or money to pick up a particular game.

Tales of Hearts will probably take somewhere between 25 and 40 hours to complete, what with the changes from the original DS game to the Vita version we’ll be playing here. I also know what game we’ll be playing through following its conclusion: Persona 4 Golden. As much as you’ve heard me rave about the game on the show (and we’re converting Shaun as we speak), now you’ll get the chance to see why it nearly made our top 10 despite only Jason and I having played it. Playing these two games and being able to record them is essentially the reason why I got a Playstation TV, so we’ll see how that goes.

Check in tomorrow to see Part 1 of Tales of Hearts R, and head over to our YouTube channel if you haven’t subscribed yet but want to see more content going forward.

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