Dueling Fitness Blog: P90X3 Review, Week 4 (With Photos)

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Once again, it is time for another episode of the Dueling Fitness Blog. Or should I say the One-Sided Fitness Blog? As you may have noticed, Shaun has been oddly silent about his progress with Insanity: The Asylum. I’m certain he has his reasons, and I’m certain they are all some permutation of a staggering fear of facing off against me. But what good is a competition with one competitor? A gold medal is useless if first place is also last place. So I’m going to need the members of Team El-Ters and Team Tech Guy alike to rally and get Shaun motivated to get back in the ring with me. In the meantime, here is my gripping update.

Current Report

While the third week of P90X3 was the same as the first two, the fourth introduced new exercises that I was eager to try out. I know some programs will give participants a rest week after every month or so, but don’t be fooled. This is no rest week. It is just as brutal as the others, introducing Isometrics, Accelerator, and Pilates X among familiar videos. Of the three new exercises, I would say Pilates X is my most and least favorite. It’s difficult to complete, but I relish the challenge. Sadly, it doesn’t pop up very frequently in the schedule.

There is one thing I am noticing about this program compared to others: repetition. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of it. Most of the Insanity videos would take you through a set of workouts and, when complete, run through them again. Even P90X did this more than I cared for. But P90X3 does a great job of keeping the set varied and unique, making the already shorter routines flash by much faster.

Exercise Update

For the sake of replicable scientific results, I’ll give you the brief rundown of my extra-routine affairs. Over the past two weeks, I had to work two days dancing on a music stage, run four miles to return some soon-to-be-overdue library books, and I got a job scaring people at a local theme park. I did not get one of my Sunday runs in, but I presume my other labors have compensated for it. And I’m not sure if this counts, but I have been using Cold Start frequently (despite my disdain for it) because of the rules I set for myself (Before noon and I have done no appreciable physical activity? Time to use Cold Start).

The Truth About Nutrition

I have to come clean. I haven’t been adhering to the nutrition guide as it has been presented in the accompanying literature. For the first month, I wanted to pursue a “slim down” phase, where I would heavily monitor my caloric intake to achieve the results you will soon see. However, the P90X3 nutrition guide has a fun little formula for people to calculate their needs while following the program. Yes, I did the calculation prior to starting the first video. My results? Over the course of the program, I would need to consume 2700 calories a day (203 g Protein, 270 g Carbohydrates, 90 g Fat). A DAY. That’s not a diet, its a competition unto itself.

It’s more than double what I normally eat. But I decided this blog wouldn’t be a true review unless I dove into the nutrition aspect as well, so for the next month I will be eating more than I care to as I travel through the “bulk up” phase. It will be tough, but I do it for you. I don’t expect the next set of photos to reflect a slimmer waistline, but I am hoping my body will follow Liebig’s Law. This law more related to plant growth, but it essentially states my body will build a greater amount of muscle because the pool of raw materials has substantially increased. Or I may swell up like a balloon. Wish me luck.

As Promised…

The real reason you read this blog is contained below. The comparisons are between the second and fourth weeks.

Week 2

Ladies, try not to swoon.
Ladies, try not to swoon.


Week 4

Gentlemen, try not to swoon.
Gentlemen, try not to swoon.


Well, I’d say mission accomplished so far. Unless Shaun is training in secret or taking performance enhancers, I’m pretty certain I have won this duel two months ahead of schedule. But I’ll let you all be the judge of that when the time comes. That is all for now, and thank you for reading.

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