ATB’s Top 25 Characters: Combined List


After two months of compiling data, we ended up with top 25 lists for the best male and female video game characters of all-time. But we said to ourselves, what if there wasn’t a gender gap keeping everyone apart? How would the voting have played out if everyone was combined into one pool?

I’ll grant you that this isn’t an exact science. Our panel would probably have voted a little bit differently if forced to pick their favorite 25 characters regardless of gender. But since we have hundreds of votes and a series of point totals to work with, let’s combine them anyway for funsies. This is not a SUPER OMG OFFICIAL ATB LIST, but it’s interesting to see how it turned out. Who knows: maybe we’ll tackle this idea separately somewhere down the road.

Unsurprisingly, Commander Shepard finishes in the top spot because of the unified strength of a seventh-place finish on the guys’ list and a third-place on the gals’ list — but it’s closer than you might think. Because our #1 and #2 had so much support on both sides, all of them finished with at least 600 points, a pretty colossal number. Shepard beat out Link for the top spot on this list by only 11 points, 673 to 662.

The top 25 breaks down about as you’d expect. There’s 14 females, which makes sense considering how much backing the top eight on that side received. The end of the list breaks down a little bit, with Elizabeth (36) being the only female in the 33-45 range, but then the ladies occupy the final five spots.

Anyway, the list of the 50 highest finishers is below, complete with links. Tomorrow, we’ll check with the panel to see how the top 25s met their expectations. Then, on Sunday, we wrap things up with a look at the WORST characters ever created.


(1) Commander Shepard (female) / (male)

(2) Link

(3) Samus Aran

(4) Princess Zelda

(5) Phoenix Wright

(6) Midna

(7) Lucina

(8) Clementine

(9) Riku

(10) Zidane Tribal

(11) Garrus Vakarian

(12) Celes Chere

(13) John Marston

(14) GLaDOS

(15) Alex Roivas

(16) Cortana

(17) Yuri Lowell

(18) Mia Fey

(19) Lee Everett

(20) Kratos Aurion

(21) Maya Fey

(22) Mordin Solus

(23) Sarah Kerrigan

(24) Lara Croft

(25) Yu Narukami

(26) Garnet til Alexandros

(27) Ellie

(28) Bigby Wolf

(29) Auron

(30) Solid Snake

(31) Jill Valentine

(32) Milla Maxwell

(33) Conker T. Squirrel

(34) Yoshi

(35) Red

(36) Elizabeth

(37) Ganondorf

(38) Kefka Palazzo

(39) Crono

(40) Alistair

(41) Mike Haggar

(42) Miles Edgeworth

(43) The Lone Wanderer

(44) Kaiden Alenko

(45) Darth Revan

(46) Samantha Greenbriar

(47) Cammy White

(48) Chell

(49) Tali’Zorah vas Normandy

(50) Tear Grants

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