P90X vs. Insanity Asylum: Fitness Blog Showdown

Home fitness DVDs are the new hotness, but choosing which crazy- and crazy expensive-program is right for you can be a challenge. Do you go for one of the three iterations of P90X, the two versions of Insanity, T25, or something entirely different? And do they even work?

That’s where Joseph and I come in. After finishing and reviewing the original P90X and Insanity, we apparently hate ourselves and have made our next goal to review P90X3 and Insanity Asylum by pitting them against each other in a fitness blog challenge.

For the next two months, we’re going to be killing ourselves with these two programs, and posting progress pictures and what we think about the workouts. The natures of the exercises and goals are very different, but that’s perfect – read both and decide which results you’re going for, and which program is more up your alley.

Of course, a competition is nothing without a little wager. America, this is where you can vote for who has seen the best results between the two of us. The winner gets fame and everlasting glory. The loser has to do something embarrassing, which may or may not involve precision shaving. That’s all I’ll say. This will all lead up to a February Spartan Sprint race in Phoenix, which we will also post about.

Be sure to check out At The Buzzer every week for our updates. P90X3 will be posting on Thursdays, followed by Insanity Asylum on Mondays. I’ll be consolidating the posts and updating them here, so make sure you check back!

2 thoughts on “P90X vs. Insanity Asylum: Fitness Blog Showdown

  1. I just completed a Lean round of P90X3. I really liked the amount of different routines. I never got bored. But with that being said, it’s nearly impossible to see results if you don’t follow the meal plan. Especially since you’re only workout half an hour a day. (I got amazing results with T25, also half hour workouts, because I was WAY stricter with my food when I did it). I started Body Beast 4 days ago, following the meal plan almost perfectly, and already lost a pound in 4 days.

    1. Gah, there’s so many programs I want to try! I’ve actually heard really good things about T25, I think that’s probably next, plus you can’t beat 30 minutes a day when you have a crazy schedule. Agreed on the meal plan, though, although it goes both ways – at one point, I don’t think I was eating enough, or getting enough calories to fuel the workout and the results. It’s all in the diet, and which diet is right for which program. We’ll see how Asylum does!

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