ATB’s Top 25 Female Characters: (21) Cammy White


“I won’t be able to see you for a while, I’m afraid. Take good care of yourself, now. Do try to stay out of trouble. Shadaloo… S.I.N…. They trample on human beings like so much dirt beneath their boots.”

This is our list of the top 25 female characters of all-time.We’re counting down one by one until we reach the best of the best on Sept. 30.

21) Cammy White (Street Fighter) – 1 vote/90 points

Chris: Once upon a time, Cammy was a simple character. When she first appeared in Super Street Fighter II, she was a special forces agent who fought on an awesome stage and just wanted to kick ass. Those were the days.

Unfortunately, Street Fighter went in some convoluted directions with its timeline, and things changed in the Alpha series (the first in the story, chronologically).

So it turns out that Cammy was created as a doll that was being tested as a potential vessel for M. Bison. Yes, that’s as creepy as it sounds. Shadaloo essentially makes 12 of these dolls and has them all under mind control to carry out various tasks and assassinate certain targets. Yes, that’s as creepy as it sounds.

Luckily, Cammy happens to be assigned to killing Dhalsim, who manages to break Shadaloo’s control after they fight. From there, Cammy becomes an independent person, joining up with Delta Red, trying to help the other dolls and…getting her ass kicked by C. Viper in the SFIV anime? Let’s not talk about that.

Nowadays Cammy has a more straightforward life. She loves cats. She fights to protect others. She teams up with Chun-Li frequently to help on investigations. Even the introduction of Decapre, though it shakes Cammy a bit, doesn’t disrupt things too badly.

Chun-Li will always be the first and the most influential, but Cammy might just be the most liked and most well-known female character in Street Fighter history.

Shaun: I admittedly don’t have a ton of 2D fighting game experience, which actually makes the fact that I know who the hell Cammy is pretty impressive on her part. I can’t speak to her tragic past or current motivations, though I’ve heard they’re compelling. But between her distinctive design (maybe pants though) and iconic moves that send her spinning across the screen, Cammy managed to carve out a spot for herself in a series that’s not short on awesome females.

Joseph: Perhaps the single, most important argument in favor of cloning, Cammy showed us the same DNA doesn’t make the same person. Sure, she may kill people. Sure, she probably enjoys it. But being almost biologically identical to Mike Bison doesn’t mean she’ll psycho crush innocent children in her spare time. Though she probably could. And she would probably enjoy it. But Cammy fights her inner nature and lets those children walk long enough to take a cannon spike to the spine. See, she’s not evil if she’s doing it for America (or even the United Kingdom, but we’ll say America).

Jason: Oh Cammy, or as I like to call her ‘legs & ponytails’. I’m joking of course.

Convoluted backstory aside, Cammy is perhaps one of the most interesting female characters in video games because her character isn’t based around her sexuality, a rare trait among many female fighting game characters. Oh sure she isn’t wearing pants and is showing plenty of skin, but her military personality and seriousness have always been at the forefront of her character. Even her outfit, despite its blatant lack of pants, displays her military personality with her beret and boots. And say what you will about the unitard, it may show plenty of skin but it also makes her look like she’s ready to wrestle you to the ground and pin your ass into submission. Cammy’s not messing around, and it shows.

Not sure what’s going on with the fire hydrants on her hands, but it is what it is.

Cary: Uh, I think there’s a typo here. The correct spelling is C-H-U-N [space] L-I.


(22) Chell

(23) Tali’Zorah vas Normandy

(24) Tear Grants

(25)  Liara T’Soni




Introduction/Honorable Mention


(1) Link

(2) Phoenix Wright

(3) Riku

(4) Zidane Tribal

(5) Garrus Vakarian

(6) John Marston

(7) Commander Shepard

(8) Yuri Lowell

(9) Lee Everett

(10) Kratos Aurion

(11) Mordin Solus

(12) Yu Narukami

(13) Bigby Wolf

(14) Auron

(15) Solid Snake

(16) Conker T. Squirrel

(17) Yoshi

(18) Red

(19) Ganondorf

(20) Kefka Palazzo

(21) Crono

(22) Alistair

(23) Mike Haggar

(24) Miles Edgeworth

(25) The Lone Wanderer




Honorable Mention


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