ATB’s Top 25 Male Characters: (5) Garrus Vakarian


“I’d wait if you’re OK with it. Disrupt the crew a little as possible. Take that last chance to find some calm just before the storm. You know me, always like to savor that last shot before popping the heatsink.”

We’re now into the final stretch as the top 25 rolls along with our top 10 characters. Tomorrow, our list continues the countdown to the #1 male video game character of all-time on Aug. 31.

5) Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect) – 5 votes/253 points

Chris:  I wasn’t really sold on Garrus until the early events of Mass Effect 2. As mentioned before, I never made it through the first game, but that doesn’t mean I’m clueless about its events. After all, Jason played the game for like three thousand hours while I was in the room.

So I was already familiar with Garrus and his respectful, quick-witted demeanor. But then you start hearing rumors about Archangel, and how he’s single-handedly ruining the days of three different tribes on a planet — so much so that these bitter enemies are uniting just to try to take him down. As Shepard inserts him/herself into the situation, it becomes clear exactly what caliber of person Archangel is, so it’s not a huge surprise when you find out that it’s Garrus holed up fending off the assault.

My FemShep romanced the hell out of Garrus in ME2. Why wouldn’t I? A smarmy personality, an attention to detail, and such soft skin. Because his skills overlapped somewhat with my own, I didn’t use Garrus a ton in combat (although bringing him and Tali along was always fun), but he was the first person I would consult between missions on the Normandy. Ultimately I moved on to greener pastures in ME3 (hellooooooo Samantha Traynor), but I always cherished the relationship I had with Garrus.

Joseph: I liked Garrus. I liked him a lot. But top five? Sorry Garrus, not that much. I appreciate your contributions to the team, but I didn’t think you were better than Tron. Maybe you should get back to your calibrations.

Shaun: Garrus is like the Batman of the Mass Effect universe. He just wants to do what’s right, but he pushes a little too far, and hates getting wrapped up in all the red tape….so he goes completely rogue and single-handedly keep three vicious and violent gangs in check in a place with no laws. Then he gets half his face blown off, laughs about it, and continues to kick ass.

Badassery aside, Garrus rose in my own rankings because of his role as BFF to my Commander Shepard. In a game series characterized by world-destroying robots and corrupt species that collect and harvest humans, some of my fondest memories in Mass Effect lie simply in the quiet moments with Garrus. Shooting the s*** with my deadeye sniper buddy was as fun and compelling as anything else, and I think that’s a testament to his character.

Garrus was also the only party member I ever included in my team that had nothing to do with combat prowess. I just wanted him there to hang out with. If I have to risk life and limb to save an unappreciative, overall pretty douchey galaxy, might as well do it with my bestie, right?

Jason: Where does one start with my man Garrus? A lowly space cop who was sick of the bureaucracy, he stepped up and helped save the Galaxy not once, but THRICE. He even managed to earn quite the name for himself as “Archangel,” the untouchable vigilante of Omega. He’s a crack shot, an expert tactician and a loyal friend. It didn’t matter if you played male or female Shepard, Garrus was your bro. I never used him in my party, not ONCE, and I still consider him a crucial part of my team. That’s how awesome Garrus “God-Damned” Vakarian is.

Cary: Is Garrus not the best character in the entire Mass Effect universe?? Never mind that his luxurious voice can melt steel, but he has a fascinating backstory that was one of the most interesting to uncover throughout the series. In my multiple ME playthroughs, Garrus was nearly always at my side because he was mean sniper. And he was at my side in plenty of…other ways…too.

Christine: I took Garrus on every single mission with me. How could I not? I always considered him to be my Shepard’s best friend and the one who will follow her to hell and back. It’s also impossible for me to hear the word “calibrations” and not think of Garrus.


(6) John Marston

(7) Commander Shepard

(8) Yuri Lowell

(9) Lee Everett

(10) Kratos Aurion

(11) Mordin Solus

(12) Yu Narukami

(13) Bigby Wolf

(14) Auron

(15) Solid Snake

(16) Conker T. Squirrel

(17) Yoshi

(18) Red

(19) Ganondorf

(20) Kefka Palazzo

(21) Crono

(22) Alistair

(23) Mike Haggar

(24) Miles Edgeworth

(25) The Lone Wanderer




Honorable Mention


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