ATB’s Top 25 Male Characters: (13) Bigby Wolf


“I thought we were all supposed to have a fresh start here. I can’t change the past.”

We’re now into the meat and potatoes as the top 25 continues. Tomorrow, our list continues the countdown to the #1 male video game character of all-time on Aug. 31.

13) Bigby Wolf (The Wolf Among Us) – 4 votes/144 points

Chris: Bigby could simply be a sheriff who wanted to redeem himself in a small town, and that would be plenty interesting. Telltale Games has a knack for making their protagonists layered and deep and resilient in the face of adversity. Playing it safe in the highly anticipated follow-up to The Walking Dead would have been understandable.

Instead, we get the lovely setting of Fabletown, where Ichabod Crane and Snow White are prominent characters. We get wolf transformations and silver bullets. All of this combines with the usual formula of making tough choices and developing your own version of the main character as a result. Bigby excels because of great writing and personal involvement, and I’m not shocked to see him this high up on our list.

Joseph: I never played The Wolf Among Us. I don’t know who this character is, and I will not look him up. I will not read this entry on the site. My assumption is Bigby Wolf is written by the same people who wrote Lee Everett and, as such, he is a good character. And I don’t want to just read about the game, I want to experience it firsthand. So I’m sorry, Mr. Wolf, but I cannot do you justice at the moment.

Shaun: One day, when Joseph comes back to read these comments after he’s played through The Wolf Among Us, he’ll see me saying right here that he is completely right – in many ways, Bigby and his character arch of redemption actually makes him superior to Lee Everett. Yes, the story is good, and yes, the secondary cast has depth and is interesting. But when you play The Wolf Among Us, you play it for Bigby.

Is he trying to shed the sins of his past and start a new life? Or does he embrace the monster within and use it to his advantage. The choice is up to you, and it’s compelling either way.

Christine: One of the things I enjoyed about playing as Bigby is watching this character really try his best to do the right thing. He knows he has made some mistakes in the past and he’s trying to make amends by taking his job as the sheriff of Fabletown seriously. It’s a very human struggle to want to change who you are for the better without caving into the pressures of what everyone else thinks you are––someone who is incapable of changing no matter what you do.


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2 thoughts on “ATB’s Top 25 Male Characters: (13) Bigby Wolf

  1. Definitely too high. Must’ve been the (great by itself) series still being fresh on your minds that resulted in such incredibly generous evaluation of Bigby’s in-game performance. Not to say he was bad or something, but the 13th best male character of all time? Come on…

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