ATB’s Top 25 Male Characters: (24) Miles Edgeworth


I was hoping to come up with a question while I was objecting, your honor. …I didn’t.”

We’re now into the meat and potatoes as the top 25 continues. Tomorrow, our list continues the countdown to the #1 male video game character of all-time on Aug. 31.

24) Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney) – 2 votes/100 points

Shaun: I don’t know many characters who have undergone a more dramatic evolution of character than Miles Edgeworth. It could have been so easy to write Miles into the role of “pretty-boy-cardboard-antagonist,” but instead we get layer after layer of depth from this guy who’s incredibly intelligent and ruthlessly effective, but still cares for his friends and is haunted by events in his past.

While obviously the foil for Phoenix on a shallow level–Miles is the prosecutor to Feenie’s defense–he also serves in many ways as the dichotomy of Phoenix’s personality, a quality that both causes Phoenix frustration and saves his ass on numerous occasions. Storytellers love to weave yarns about how the good fall from grace and give into corruption, and it’s great to see such a great example of a character that has done the opposite, but without abandoning the traits that define them.

In short, Miles journey alone makes him worthy of a slot in our top 25.

Chris: For those who might be surprised to see Edgeworth this high on our list, you have to keep in mind that several people on the panel love the Ace Attorney series. As such, I don’t really think this is undeserved.

One of my favorite moments from the series is when Phoenix goes into the backstory about when he and Miles and Larry Butz were in fourth grade. Someone stole Edgeworth’s lunch money, and Phoenix got blamed for it. In a moment that started Michelle’s top bromance, Miles defends Phoenix in front of a classroom that wants his blood, setting the stage for a complicated relationship in the first game.

Edgeworth becomes a prosecutor and has a perfect record through his first few years, thanks in part to some devious tactics. It’s only when he runs into Phoenix Wright that he tastes defeat for the first time. None of that matters much when Edgeworth finds himself on trial for murder, forced to rely on Phoenix to defend him.

From there, Edgeworth becomes the most dependable character in the series. He takes the reins on one case when Phoenix is out of commission, finding valuable evidence in his investigation. He helps from behind the scenes once he becomes Chief Prosecutor. He even returns to the courtroom in one of its greatest times of need. Edgeworth is a badass, case closed.

Joseph: You mean the guy who tried to get me sent to prison for a murder I did not commit? The man who would fabricate evidence to secure a win, whether the person was guilty or not? I will admit right now, I have not played the later Ace Attorney games, so maybe his character gets better over time. But my impression of him? Stay out of the courtroom and let the real attorneys handle this.

Christine: Behind that arrogant, grumpy exterior lies a big old softy. I always enjoy watching Phoenix and Edgeworth battle it out in the courtroom because the two lawyers are as different as day and night. You’d think Edgeworth hates everyone’s favorite ace attorney with a burning passion, but he really cares about the guy. Edgeworth has helped Phoenix many times over, maybe more than he cares to admit. After that, Edgeworth became A-okay in my book and I liked learning more about his backstory in the Miles Edgeworth game. Now, if only they’d release the second game in North America. MAKE IT HAPPEN CAPCOM!


(25) The Lone Wanderer




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2 thoughts on “ATB’s Top 25 Male Characters: (24) Miles Edgeworth

  1. I’m not gonna lie, I hated Miles at the very beginning just because he wanted to win even if you were the defendant. But he turned out alright in the later games and I stared to like how he developed as a character. I just love his revival theme that was played in Justice For All and Dual Destinies.

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