Mega Metagross Will Kill Everything in Pokemon Remakes

Mega Metagross Confirmed

If you didn’t know already, I only “report” on things that I care about, and apparently, today’s not done providing me with announcements of that nature–the long awaited Mega Metagross has finally arrived.

So, read the article I wrote about what Metagross is capable of. Then read it again. Then break your computer over your knee because that article is now obsolete. You then might understand the new power of Mega Metagross.

Mega Metagross stats and abilities

Not only does he look like the most boss boss whoever bossed, he comes with some nifty new tricks. When he goes all Super Saiyan, his solid typing remains Psychic/Steel, but his ability changes to Tough Claws, which increases the power of attacks that make physical contact. Personally, I’m not sure if this means “all physical attacks,” or just attacks that would “make actual physical contact,” or if the universe even distinguishes between the two, but it still sounds neat.

As far as stat increases, he seems to specifically gain more speed, which can’t hurt but isn’t ideal for the min/max players, and also enjoys increases to all other stats.

A couple months ago, we rated Metagross as the second best Pokemon ever. I’m now ready to revise that list.

The Dawn of Sexygross

Bask in these images:




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