Number Sixteen With a Bullet

Admittedly, I just wanted a reason to put Stacy Keibler on our front page again. I’m selfish like that.

The next couple weeks get insanely busy, so rather than try to tackle some subjects in a longer post, here they are in bullet form:

  • E3 has come and gone, but it’s nice to have a few titles to be excited about going forward. One of the surprises for me is Hyrule Warriors. Once upon a time, we used to pour some significant hours into Samurai Warriors — and I’m only moderately embarrassed about that. The Dynasty Warriors series may have become something of a parody within the video game industry, but introducing Zelda characters (including some fun choices like Impa, Midna and at least one brand-new option) has me right back on the wagon.
  • The Steam Summer Sale has come and gone in years past without much interest from me because I’ve never been a huge PC gamer. The rig that we have to run videos and audio for the show is a beast, however, so I’ve picked up a couple titles to see how they would run. Skyrim is one of them, and it’s been fun playing around with the colossal modding options available for it. Fancy graphics, additional content, and…the Mario death noise when I die? For 75% off thanks to GabeN’s ridiculous summer escapades? Sold!
  • I finally caved and joined the 21st century. I have a smartphone. For someone who considers himself to be very tech-savvy, I’m not sure what the problem was here, but the Galaxy S5 has been fun so far. The camera produces sharp pictures, the screen is gigantic and pretty, and having access to useful apps (like a flashlight!) on the go is neat. Yes, I know, welcome to the present.
  • Bullets always talk about the Suns, and tomorrow is somewhat of a big day for the franchise. It’s the NBA Draft, and Phoenix has three picks in the first round. It’s extremely unlikely that they end up using all three of those picks. Whether they’re included in trades for other players or packaged to move up to a higher slot or thrown away for money (GOD PLEASE NO), it should be an interesting day.
  • Finally, Stacy Keibler thinks you’re lovely and you should feel likewise.


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