Game On: Pokemon Fire Red (Part 59)


It’s time for Chris and Shaun to enter the exciting world of Pokemon! They’ll be playing a female character who is more interested in becoming a lawyer than a Pokemon master, but the world doesn’t seem to care. All anyone can talk about is Pokemon this, Pokemon that — and Team Rocket’s offer sounds awfully enticing.

Will our intrepid heroine survive long enough to accomplish her dreams? Or will the pressure to conform to society become too strong to resist? It’s going to be a struggle from the word go.

As an added bonus, we’re still taking requests. Have a game you want to see us suffer through play next? Let us know in the comments or by sending us an email.

We gotta catch ’em all! Or at least 20-30 of them! Game on.

3 thoughts on “Game On: Pokemon Fire Red (Part 59)

  1. I dig the physics / being of light theory for pokemon, but it doesn’t pan out because when pokes are unconscious they can be forcefully recalled into their pokeball by their trainer (or another trainer with their pokeball). So would the pokeball have to have some kind of power over them? It can force their transformation? Maybe that’s why they can’t be killed, only rendered inactive, because energy cannot be created or destroyed.

    Either than or they’re inter-dimensional beings. One or the other really.

    1. NO. NOOOOOO. NO.

      Just kidding, you might be right. BUT what if, once they initiate the convergence with the pokeball the first time, it’s like…done, and aligned with that Pokemon. There’s like a bonding that happens, and after that, it’s synchronized with said pokeball.

      And they can TOTALLY be killed! We just don’t see a lot of it because of…censorship? Although, perhaps being made of energy explains why they can be ghosts? Because when they “die,” their physical vessels are extinguished, but their energy can carry on in an ethereal form? As an extension of that, if we as humans have souls, and die, do our souls than linger in certain forms that are invisible to the human eye? Or do our souls/subconscious-es then merge with another form of ourselves somewhere along the multi-verse, like a satellite beacon to an infinite amount of receivers, a theory that simultaneously supports and refutes reincarnation?

      Pokemon, man. They’re so existential.

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