“24: Live Another Day” Premiere – The Game of Thrones before Game of Thrones

The new season of 24 premieres tonight, and I’d like to use this fact as a jumping board for my own tangential rant.


I think people easily forget that Game of Thrones is not the first of its kind. It’s not even the first of its kind on TV. 24 was killing off main characters way earlier than Game of Thrones (ignoring the fact that the novels are way older than 24 and I’m only talking about television), and doing so in equally brutal, shocking, and devastating ways. In fact, while Tyrion, Danaerys, Jon Snow, Jaimie, Cercei, and other original cast members continue to draw breath in the world of Westeros, NO ONE from the original cast of 24, save for Jack and his daughter, are still alive now (Chloe was featured in a later season, and it’s actually pretty pleasantly surprising she hasn’t died yet).

Now, I’m not saying this should be changed – many of GOT’s characters are still experiencing surprising, fascinating arches, and dying would cut that short. I’m not advocating for more death. I’m simply pointing out that GOT is applauded and revered for its willingness to kill off main characters, and by emanating this feeling that no character is ever safe, but that 24 was doing this years ago (almost to the point of self parody). For these reasons, 24 really should be considered one of the best and most groundbreaking television shows ever made, action or otherwise, and I’m beyond excited to see the direction this final(?) season will take.

24 was Game of Thrones before Game of Thrones, and it’s time to hail the true king of the Iron Throne again.

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