ATB’s Top 25 Pokemon: (2) Metagross


This is At the Buzzer’s list of the top 25 Pokemon of all-time. We’re in the serious business zone now, counting down one by one through the top 10 until we reach the very best. For more information, click here or check out the Related Links down at the bottom of the post. Don’t forget to vote on how we did in the poll below!

Today’s Pokemon has four brains in total. Combined, the four brains can breeze through difficult calculations faster than a supercomputer. This Pokémon can float in the air by tucking in its four legs. It is the result of two Metang achieving fusion. When hunting, this Pokémon pins the prey to the ground under its massive body. It then eats the helpless victim using the large mouth on its stomach.

2) Metagross (4 votes, 287 points)

Chris: This is the part where I’m forced to admit that I’ve never raised a Metagross. Is it because I spent the least time with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald compared to any other generation? Is it because I knew I’d likely be teaming up with Nick or Shaun in co-op battles, and they’d probably have their own? Is it because Beldum is a pain in the ass? Probably all of the above.

Maybe I missed out, because Metagross has a lot going for it. Excellent typing with few weaknesses (Steel/Psychic)? Check. A 600 Base Stat Total with a strong spread that emphasizes ATK and DEF? Check. Solid STAB options like Meteor Mash and Zen Headbutt? Check. Really, its only weakness is a subpar SPD, but we’re not talking Snorlax levels of slow here.

You know how I know Metagross is cool? Because Steven Stone, noted pimp and only recognized champion of Hoenn (you shut the hell up about Wallace), flies around on one as his mode of transportation. That’s all you need to know.

Basically, Metagross isn’t messing around. That’s fine — I’m sure Shaun will list all the reasons that Metagross is going to melt off your face.

Shaun: What do I have left to say about Metagross that I haven’t already? He’s the Terminator of Pokemon, except instead of a garbled, confusing accent, he communicates in an advanced language we can’t understand. Either through advanced system hacking or sheer force of power, Metagross could bring the world to its knees. But it chooses not to, because he’s benevolent. For now.

What I love, beyond his badass design and the fact that he is Psychic (which some of you will remember is one of my favorite typings), he’s an absolute juggernaut of a Pokemon. When Chris and I tackled the Battle Subway that he doesn’t remember, it was a great feeling that I could bring along my favorite Pokemon, and could still decimate the competition. I didn’t have to make concessions with Metagross. I just point him in a direction and watch the wake of death ripple outwards.

Metagross IS my all-time favorite Pokemon. He was my number one vote. He’s the reason I spent so many hours on Ruby/Sapphire. He’s the meaning to my life. HE’S THE INSPIRAAAAATION.

No really, it’s true. Read this:

Now, along with Zelda, I’ve written my fair share of Pokemon fan fiction. In my version, each season or two would follow the unique arch of a character through the events of that given game, and then it would switch to another character, before culminating, Avengers style, into a conclusion where all of the characters teamed up to face a greater threat.

The most powerful character I wrote was a girl on the run from the police for being falsely accused of a crime, while carrying a Beldum who carried with it the secrets of an organization bent on usurping the power of the government (you know, assuming these Pokemon worlds HAVE a government, and aren’t just ruled by the Elite 4).

The point of that lovely diversion was simply this – Metagross–and pretty much just Metagross–inspired me to write an entire story. And, say what you will, but art is at its best when it inspires you to do something. You don’t just sit and consume – you feel compelled to be creative yourself.

Does that mean I’m actually comparing Metagross to a work of art? Yup. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

Nick: I think he’s one of the more useful Pokemon out there. Can take a hit, can certainly dish one out. Meteor Mash is just ridiculous. The major downside here is he is vulnerable to one of the most prevalent moves out there — Earthquake. If only he could avoid getting hit by that… oh wait, Magnet Rise. Sure, you have to use a move slot to remove only one weakness, but there is just something very satisfying about being nearly invincible.

Jason: Meh, I’ve never really seen the appeal to Metagross. Sure he’s got great typing and is as smart as a super-computer, but to me he’ll always just be an angry looking four legged UFO. Not enough personality for my taste. But, to each their own!



(3) Mew

(4) Piplup

(5) Mewtwo

(6) Togekiss

(7) Espeon

(8) Glaceon

(9) Blastoise

(10) Lugia

(11) Charizard

(12) Scizor

(13) Latios

(14) Articuno

(15) Cubone

(16) Snorlax

(17) Starmie

(18) Pikachu

(19) Torchic

(20) Garchomp

(21) Lapras

(22) Dragonair

(23) Swampert

(24) Voltorb

(25) Butterfree





Honorable Mention


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