ATB’s Top 25 Pokemon: (6) Togekiss


This is At the Buzzer’s list of the top 25 Pokemon of all-time. We’re in the serious business zone now, counting down one by one through the top 10 until we reach the very best. For more information, click here or check out the Related Links down at the bottom of the post. Don’t forget to vote on how we did in the poll below!

Today’s Pokemon will never appear where there is strife. Its sightings have become rare recently. It shares many blessings with people who respect one another’s rights and avoid needless strife. As everyone knows, it visits peaceful regions, bringing them gifts of kindness and sweet blessings.

6) Togekiss (2 votes, 220 points)

Shaun: The fun thing about forming lists with a committee is that there are always going to be outliers that make you completely confused as to how in the world a certain subject made it on the list. For me, this subject is Togekiss.

Okay, that’s not true. It was Voltorb. But Togekiss is a close second.

Of course, part of the reason I don’t get it is because I never used one. You want to know why? Because Togepi was dumb. There, I said it. Dumb dumb dumb. In Gen 2, no Pokemon represents the fact that Pokemon are born in eggs more than Togepi. Unfortunately, this idea of Pokemon birth strains the Pokemon universe almost as much as the idea that Arceus created everything and Dialga can control time.

You’re telling me that no one has EVER witnessed a Pokemon birth? We have, like, I don’t know, thousands of years of Pokemon existing in this world, and advanced scientific tools and methods (advanced enough to create balls that convert Pokemon into energy and store them inside a realm that exists inside of it), and yet NO ONE has witnessed a Pokemon LAYING A DAMN EGG? It’s not like Pokemon have sexy time and then baby Pokes are brought forth from a dimension that we can’t see or sense. Nope. EGGS.

So Togekiss got a “no” vote from me. Sure, he looks cool, like a mini jet. And he’s cute. But he represents everything I hate. Maybe if someone will explain to me how this world works, I will get on board with him. I want to be on board. I just can’t.

Chris: If Scizor is the permanent fixture of my team, Togekiss is a close second. Unlike Shaun, I liked Togepi and thought his Metronome antics were amusing. I even used him a little bit in Gold because I was given an egg for free. Unfortunately, Togetic didn’t exactly get much more useful when it evolved, and that was the end of that.

But then Generation IV came around, and Togekiss changed everything.

Togekiss gets a few distinct advantages that its younger siblings do not. Its stats are strong enough to hold its own, with surprising bulk and strong SATK. It finally gets to exploit some useful ability tricks, like doubling the flinch rate on moves like Air Slash (to 60 percent) and catching you in a terrible loop if it manages to outspeed you. In Gen VI, Togekiss switched from Normal/Flying to Fairy/Flying — a change that shuffles around some of its weaknesses and immunities, but also gives it an additional niche.

And, as Shaun mentioned, it’s the happiest little jet you ever did see.

If I had to assemble a team of six for competitive battling purposes, I’m not sure what the lineup would look like. But I do know that 1a and 1b would be Scizor and Togekiss. They’re my best buds.



(7) Espeon

(8) Glaceon

(9) Blastoise

(10) Lugia

(11) Charizard

(12) Scizor

(13) Latios

(14) Articuno

(15) Cubone

(16) Snorlax

(17) Starmie

(18) Pikachu

(19) Torchic

(20) Garchomp

(21) Lapras

(22) Dragonair

(23) Swampert

(24) Voltorb

(25) Butterfree





Honorable Mention


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