ATB’s Top 25 Pokemon: (8) Glaceon


This is At the Buzzer’s list of the top 25 Pokemon of all-time. We’re in the serious business zone now, counting down one by one through the top 10 until we reach the very best. For more information, click here or check out the Related Links down at the bottom of the post. Don’t forget to vote on how we did in the poll below!

Today’s Pokemon causes small ice crystals to form by lowering the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere. By controlling its body heat, it can freeze the atmosphere around it to make a diamond-dust flurry. It lowers its body heat to freeze its fur. The hairs then become like needles it can fire.

8) Glaceon (2 votes, 190 points)

Shaun: The number two Pokemon on my personal voting list, Glaceon needs no introduction…but if he had one, he’d come out to music by Eifel 65, wearing a hot fedora and sunglasses, and then he’d pelvic thrust. Because no Pokemon has ever been cooler, smuggier, or swaggier than Glaceon.

EASILY the best Eeveelution, Glaceon’s emergence is the main reason I want so badly to one day compose an “All-Eeveelution” team, headlined by this superstar himself. His special attack is through the roof, and his ice typing grants STAB to the one of the most devastating attack types in the game. Yes, this also means he probably has THE worst defensive typing, but he moves so fast and hits so hard, you’ll have your work cut out for you just surviving before you even think about a counter attack.

Glaceon also wins the award for Pokemon I’d most like to have in real life. No, he can’t fly, but when I teach him Iceman’s ice path slide thing ability, it won’t matter. We’re gonna cruise through the city streets, blaring I’m Blue and wearing our sunglasses at night.

He looks awesome, he’s powerful, and he can freeze my enemies. What more do you want?

Chris: I like Glaceon’s aloofness. He might acknowledge that he has a terrible defensive typing, but he doesn’t care. All he worries about is Ice Beam and Your Face.

Glaceon is probably my favorite Eeveelution. Insert your own joke about cool design here. His stats are only above average, but that’s consistent with every single Eevee spin-off and can’t really be held against him. He’s infinitely better than silly nonsense like Flareon and Sylveon.

I’ve never used a Glaceon, short of that one time when I worked to create one as a present for Shaun’s birthday. That meant we spent a few hours together, strolling through the park, leveling up our EVs and destroying helpless low level Pokemon. I’d like to think I earned a little bit of Glaceon’s trust, but I also acknowledge that if I make any mistakes, I’m going to get an Ice Beam in the face like I deserve.

Michaela: Glaceon is super cute despite the fact that its typing is weak to everything, so unless I want it to faint all the time, it’s not my ideal Pokemon for fighting against the Elite Four. Despite that, Glaceon has surprisingly good stats and is a good Pokemon to have on an alternative team.

Jason: While I’ll gladly give Espeon props, Glaceon is living proof that some elemental types are just not a good choice…

“Oh hey guys whats going on in this batt’e?”

*Fighting/Rock/Steel/Fire Attack*





(9) Blastoise

(10) Lugia

(11) Charizard

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(16) Snorlax

(17) Starmie

(18) Pikachu

(19) Torchic

(20) Garchomp

(21) Lapras

(22) Dragonair

(23) Swampert

(24) Voltorb

(25) Butterfree





Honorable Mention


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