Music to My Ears: Apollo Justice — I’m Fine!


This week, Music to My Ears is taking it slow and telling you that everything’s going to be okay.

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies was one of my favorite games of 2013. We’ll still be doing a group review at some point (stupid inconvenient forced downtime!), but suffice to say there was a lot to like. A typical Phoenix Wright game with improved mechanics and graphics and fun new characters? Sold!

We might eventually take a look at quite a few tracks from this game, but my personal favorite is this remix of Apollo’s theme from the previous game where he was the title character. Formerly called “Start of a New Trial,” this version basically gets an upgrade on the quality of its instruments and a smooooooooooooooth jazz feel.

My memory of this track will always go back to a singular moment while playing through the game. During Athena’s trial as lead attorney, Apollo offers to tag along and help sort through evidence. You can go to a handful of areas, but at a certain time, only one of them has another character in them available for questioning. Every other area has Apollo there in the standard “don’t know what you’re doing? Consult me!” spot. So as I traveled around trying to find the next area, I kept seeing Apollo — and this theme continued uninterrupted in the background. So good.

I’m Fine!

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2 thoughts on “Music to My Ears: Apollo Justice — I’m Fine!

  1. I missed the opportunity to hear Apollo’s theme without interruptions in my first play-through (I really took the Notes feature that he introduced to heart), but I will be sure to amend that in my second play-through!

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