Music to My Ears: Team Rocket Battle


This week, Music to My Ears is paying homage to Twitch Plays Pokemon’s second journey.

The playthrough is proceeding nicely, and I’ll probably do another article about some of the changes and new memes and stuff pretty soon. Right now, the collective has been struggling against the Elite Four for about an entire day. Koga is probably tougher than Lance — although that remains to be seen, as Lance hasn’t had a chance to kick our ass yet.

This song is from the G/S/C generation, and it’s the first time that the nefarious Team of the game got their own theme. That’s what this track is so important: every generation since II has provided us with awesome battle music, from Rocket to Magma/Aqua to Galactic to Plasma (my favorite) to Flare. Watching the original TPP stream, it was tough seeing important battles get the regular old music — as though taking on an evil organization was on par with some dumbass bug trainer from the Viridian Forest.

Between this and the song that plays when a Team Rocket member meets eyes with you, you always know serious business was about to start. Plus, you got that other theme the entire time you battled through the Radio Tower to put a stop to the Giovanni revival attempt. That’s good stuff right there.

Team Rocket Battle

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