Arrow Season 2.5 Villains Trailer – Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad

Arrow just released a trailer for its mid-season (which apparently we’re calling season 2.5 now), and continues to make its case for this iteration of the Green Arrow being integrated into the Justice League film. Titled “Full Circle, the trailer makes it hard to not get excited for the rest of the season. The trailer offers the first glimpse at Arrow’s Suicide Squad, Black Canary and Huntress facing off (joining up?) as the Birds of Prey, and just general coverage of the major villain motivations for the rest of what has been to this point a stellar season 2.

Arrow has been hitting so hard and so fast lately that it almost makes me worried for which direction they’re going to take season 3, and how it can possibly compare to the level of epic that season 2 has attained thus far and seems to be building toward. This trailer has raised my excitement to an entirely new level, and I’m not exaggerating when I say the rest of Arrow has me more pumped than any other offering from DC right now, including Batman vs. Super and Justice League (and maybe even more than Marvel’s Avengers 2, for that matter).

These characters have been handled so well so far, and the story lines have been as compelling as the action. All of the different threads are slowly converging, and all seem to be ending with a final, epic showdown between arch-nemeses Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson. Regardless of how (or if) the show creators can continue to deliver this same sort of hype after the season is over, it’s clear that fans of the show are going to be in for an amazing ride.

5 thoughts on “Arrow Season 2.5 Villains Trailer – Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad

    1. Yes! Just keep in mind that while still good and very enjoyable, the show doesn’t get “great” for me until the end of season 1 and season 2. But it all continues to build, so watch the whole thing!

  1. I was a bit of a skeptic for this show after Smallville which I enjoyed in the beginning and then began to lose interest as the show went on, but this trailer looks good and makes me want to give Arrow a shot.

    1. I gotta say, nothing against Smallville, but at its worst this show is better than Smallville at its best. Give it a shot, I can almost guarantee you’ll love it!

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