First Image of the new Flash – Grant Gustin as Flash in Justice League Movie

I did this already with Stephen Amell and Green Arrow, but I’d like to make a case for Grant Gustin, the new TV Flash, as being the Flash in the Justice League movie.

We’ve already established that DC’s television properties, and specifically the Arrow TV show, are phenomenal iterations of these great characters. If DC really isn’t going to feature its heroes in their own movies before bringing them together for the Justice League movie, ala Marvel’s formula, then why not pull from an established universe that fans know already, that has established a character people care about, and that makes sense tonally?


Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Marvel, but I’d much rather see an Arrow and Flash that I relate with from TV than I would a brand new actor that they cast just for the ensemble movie. Ensemble movies are cool in the first place because of how they bring together other established characters and franchises. If they’re not really doing that, the ensemble flick loses its lure for me.

I doubt it will happen, but here’s hoping. In the meantime, the new Flash show is expected to enter production soon.

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