Space Jam 2 coming out soon, starring LeBron James

In 1996, a little film called Space Jam came out and forever changed the way we as fans would look at both basketball and cinema. Starring Michael Jordan in his masterpiece role, the film would go on to gross 230 million dollars worldwide, which is less than the 300 billion I was expecting, but still a good number in its own right.

From the moment it left the theaters, fans have petitioned and demanded a sequel. Well, those fans (aka the population of the world) now have their wish. Space Jam 2 is on the way.

Not a lot about the new film is known yet, except that it’s incoming, it’s going to start LeBron James, and it’s going to be the second greatest film ever made.

It’s going to be interesting, because while my own feelings on LeBron James are pretty well known at this point, I think I can say without bias that he is a less likable star than Michael Jordan, or at least his perception to the media. You either hate him for his betrayal, or love him because of his solemn, stoic dedication to the game – you don’t really get a ton of his personality outside of that. Of course, the reality is Michael Jordan wasn’t exactly the nicest guy either, but social perception had him as the most likable guy on the planet. So who knows?

For supporting cast, I’d love to see Bill Murray back, although I can’t imagine why in the entire universe he would agree to a sequel like this. I’d also love to see a supporting cast of Kevin Durant (who I’d actually prefer in the lead role), Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Tim Duncan, and Roy HIbbert. And Demarcus Cousins for a whiny villain. And Jerryd Bayless because I hate him. And COME ON AND SLAM, AND WALK UP TO THE JAM. IF YOUNG LEBON JAMES DOESN’T DUNK IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES I’M WALKING OUT.

What are your thoughts on the film? Is there a plot you hope to see? Are you stoked for LeBron James? Are you pining for another Bill Murray cameo? Which supporting NBA players would you like to see?

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