Number Fifteen With a Bullet

I haven’t had to do a bullets post in like four months now!

I mean, sure, we weren’t able to update the site for three months. That’s fair. But I don’t see why that’s my fault.

The bigger issue is that I spent most of my day updating our Twitter account. We’d fallen a little bit behind because of the hiatus, and suddenly we couldn’t follow anyone anymore. Turns out that’s because of some weird math that Twitter does. But at least that tedious two hours of work is finally done. And so…

  • Speaking of Twitter, if you’re the type of user who follows someone just to bait them into following you back, and then unfollows them? I hope you die in the most painful, hot, full-of-bees fire in the history of this planet. You’re obnoxious and you’re breaking an unspoken social contract. You should punch yourself in the face as a constant reminder of what a waste of space you are.
  • That was a little hostile, wasn’t it. Okay, let’s move on to something better. Bravely Default’s been out for a few days now (and spoiler alert, there will be a post about it tomorrow), and my early verdict as someone who’s only about eight hours in: You should buy it. Squareenix doesn’t do much right anymore, but Bravely Default’s a very well-written game with a lot of smart mechanics. It manages to pay homage to the retro RPGs of the past while including plenty of new stuff to keep things interesting.
  • I know a couple folks asked me about the PS4 that I finally picked up, and if NBA 2K14 was worth it. I’ll probably do a full review at some point, but the short answer is: maybe. The game is fundamentally flawed: too many microtransactions, too much reliance on faulty servers, too many disappointing choices (like removed game modes and create-a-player). But the additions to My Career are fantastic, and when you’re actually playing the game — when you’re on the court and the action is hot and heavy — NBA 2K14 looks and controls great. If you’re the type of player who dives into a career (or My Team), then you should pick it up. If not? Probably best to wait until next year and see if they correct some of these egregious mistakes.
  • Bullets mean words about the Phoenix Suns. Since we last talked about the Suns, they’ve turned into the surprise story of the NBA. A team that was supposed to finish dead-last in the conference is instead above .500 and would be in the playoffs if they started today. But more importantly, the team is fun to watch again — compared to last year’s awful roster and terrible coach in Lindsey Hunter. Phoenix still has a lot to look forward to, especially as many as six first-round picks in the next two seasons. It’s not as good as winning a title, but it’s damn nice just to enjoy the ride again.
  • And finally, who wears short shorts? Stacy Keibler wears short shorts.Stacy Keibler Smiling In White T-Shirt And Black Background

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