BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 DLC to Feature Crossbow

I swear, every new piece of information I hear confirms my believe that BioShock Infinite’s two part DLC, Burial at Sea, would have been better served as BioShock 4.

Today’s confirmation of that belief comes in the form of a new weapon Elizabeth will be wielding in episode 2 – the return of the crossbow.

In a competition that’s not even close, the crossbow was my favorite weapon in the original game. I loved the utility of the thing – it was perfect for laying traps for Big Daddies or unfortunate Splicers who unknowingly strolled in my direction, and nothing was quite as satisfying as pinning them to the wall from across the room.

It also provides some much needed weapon versatility to Infinite, which I thought struggled with the “sameyness” of a lot of its weapons. Not only is it a unique weapon in its own right, better still is the fact that it comes with various ammunition, including tranq bolts (not entirely sure why you’d need those, actually), gas bolts, and noisemaker bolts.

All it needs now is the drill, and I’ll be in heaven.

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