Rowling admits Hermione shouldn’t have married Ron and people care for some reason

So if you’re here, chances are you’ve already heard that J.K. Rowling admitted that Hermione and Ron shouldn’t have ended up together. In other news, fire is a thing that is hot.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not unhappy with her assessment that she kept them together because she stayed true to her own original, erred vision, and not in line with how her characters grew and changed over the course of the series. Good for her for admitting her mistake? My only problem is that…well, it’s a weird admission because it’s SO obvious. Any perceptive readers, attached to the characters, could have probably seen this already. And I’m sure that there are some very fervent “Hermio-ron” shippers, and that’s fine, but the point is, you could reach that conclusion based on the text evidence and your own perceptions based on reading the books.


To this point, it’s not clear yet, based on the quotes released, if Rowling necessarily thought that Hermione should have ended up with Harry. But come on. That’s totally what she meant.

Unlike the “Dumbledore is gay” reveal, which would have been nearly impossible to know if she didn’t tell us because his love life is rarely (ever?) touched on in the books and made for an fascinating insight into his personal life, I don’t really understand this one. It’s one thing to agree, as a fan of your own works, “yeah, that would have been neat to see Harry and Hermione together,” and it’s another entirely to nearly admit that, if you could, retroactively, you would have altered the reality of your own novels.

But whatever. It’s her books, and she’s more successful than I’ll ever even get close to, so I say let her do what she wants with her amazing fictional universe. Like I said, this is no news to me. They always just seemed so simpatico in the books, but man, in the movies? They explored how Harry and Hermione were clearly made for each other on more than one occasion. They were my otp.

I mean, look at how cute they are:


3 thoughts on “Rowling admits Hermione shouldn’t have married Ron and people care for some reason

  1. I completely agree with everything you wrote about in this post! The whole Dumboldore being gay thing never made sense to me, because as a reader, I never picked up on it.

    In my own world, Harry and Hermione definitely would have ended up together.

  2. i thought i was definitely team Ron and Hermione because they were always together but when i watch that scene ( it always did strike me)
    it makes me feel like there is somethign SO DEEP between harry and hermione but perhaps its the really strong chemistry between emma watson and daniele radcliff. looks like like really deep emotional love. ughhh im so confused. heres another: – tell me how u guys feel about this one!

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